Happy Friday, sweeties!
I hope you had a great week. I had a really nice blogging week, I got to work a lot on the blog and I even scheduled some posts in advance. I also received a couple of proposals for cool collabs, I'm really excited about it, I will tell you all in a few days!
Today it is time for a new nail art, the Nail Crazies Unite challenge prompted us to do "watercolor"  nail designs, that's quite a challenge!! I created this floral mani, if you want to learn how to do it yourself, just keep reading.

In nail art , watercolor" technique doesn't imply using actual watercolors on your manicure. Of course, you could totally use water diluted acrylics, but, instead, I've done it with regular polish and it worked just fine.

The first step would be painting your nails with the color of your choice. I would recommend a very pale or white polish so that your design will pop more. But it could also work with metallic or black, depending on what colors are you using next. I used Essence gel nail polish Wild white ways.

Once your manicure has dried, grab the polishes you chose. I'd recommend using at least 3 different colours to achieve a better result. You can use your regular polishes, but for this purpose, I have used two tints and two jelly lacquers. Jelly lacquers and tints are sheer (see through) so that when superposing the colors you get a nicer and richer effect! My chosen colors were  OPI I'm never amberassed, Essence Wake up, spring! (set of two colors: lilac and purple,), OPI Guy meets gal.

I placed a few drops of my colors on an improvised "palette" (I used a piece of plastic packaging, but you can also use a piece of aluminum wrap from the kitchen). I dipped a cotton bud in my regular nail polish remover (you can also use pure acetone) and then picked some of the polish from my palette and started painting my flowers on the nails. The polish remover will dilute the polish to make it sheerer and looking just like watercolor paint!

Alternatively to flowers, you can paint abstract shapes or dots, whatever you fancy. When you are happy with your design, you just add a coat of glossy topcoat and you are done!

I am really digging this technique and how the manicure turned out. I've chosen pretty bright colors, but because the polish is so diluted it doesn't look bold, it almost seems pastel, LOL.

Have you ever tried this technique? For many other ideas on watercolor nail art, please, visit my challenge pals listed below! And don't forget to leave me a comment, it is always much appreciated :)