Hello, my lovelies! Happy Friday!
Today I have a new nail art design and a new nail art review to share with you. I prepared a Pastel watercolours manicure for the NAil Crazies Unite challenge, and for creating it I used is a Peel off cuticle guard, a clear stamper and scraper and stamping plates from BeautyBigBang store*
I show you how to create this pretty manicure without the mess thanks to this useful products. I really hope you like it!!

I have recently received a few nail art products from the BeatuyBigBang Store and I thought I could show you in a phot-tutorial how easy and practical are to be used for creating awesome nail art!

Beauty Bigbang Peel-off Cuticle Protector 

It's been a few years since somebody came with the brilliant idea of using a cuticle guard to keep polish from your cuticles and fingers and it has been a blessing since then for all nail art lovers.
Beauty Bigbang currently carries a liquid latex peel-off cuticle guard for an unbeatable price, so I had to try it!
This is a very useful product that you apply all around your nails, on your cuticles and fingers (if needed), to prevent staining them with nail polish. This saves a lot of cleaning up time, as well as freeing you from using pure acetone over and over again on your cuticles, which can end up being a bad thing for your skin.

The product from Beauty bigbang is done with liquid latex and as natural latex, it smells a bit "fishy", but as if it is something I am going to remove very rapidly, I don't mind the smell. The product can be applied in a very thin layer and still be efficiently removed with a pair of tweezers (or your fingers), so very very little goes a long way. I have tried this with the "watercolor brushtrokes" technique and with stamping and it worked fantastically with both! So I definitely recommend it! Keep scrolling to see it in action!

The Peel-Off Liquid Cuticle Protector comes in a 12ml bottle that retails for 3.98 USD and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Clear Silicone Nail Stamper & Scraper

When Clear silicone stampers first came out they completely changed the game! The idea behind this is so beyond genius I can't even... Honestly, if you have ever stamped your nails with a non-clear stamper, you know there are two critical moments. The first is "will the stamper pick up my image?". That one depends on the quality of the polish, the plate, and the stamper. But even when you have all the top quality products, you can still fail because of the second critical point: "will the image transfer correctly to my nail?". Believe you me, there is a myriad of things that could go wrong, and they all depend on you. It takes really a lot of practice to place the design in the right place without distortions and get an impeccable image on your nail. This is so because with non-clear or traditional stamper, you are doing so "blindly".

Suddenly this new stamper changes the game! Because with a clear silicone stamper, you can exactly see where your image is and where are you exactly putting it on your nail. Which opens a whole new universe for nail art, especially double stamping or layering stamping techniques, DIY nail decals, reverse stamping, etc.

The plus factor here is the cap! Yes, it serves multiple uses, not only it protects the clear silicone (known to be delicate) when you store your stamper prolonging its wear life, it is also a genius idea to protect your work in progress while you are doing stamping decals or reverse stamping. Protecting? from what? pet hair, glitter, dust, and all those kind of things you can find in a beauty's blogger desk/table. Also, if you're anything like me, and you accidentally drop your stamper with the design that took you 15 min to do... with the cap you're covered! LOL

The clear stamper from Beautybigbang is completely clear with a silicone head that can be replaced when you want. The silicon is bouncy but not sticky, this is the typical "harder" kind of silicon that you don't press on the plate to pick up the design but you simply roll-over it. And the trick is done! The stamper also comes with a clear flexible scraper (the "credit card" kind of scraper) which I really like.

The Clear Silicone Nail Stamper & Scraper retails for 2.99 USD and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Floral Nail Stamping Plate #10 & #16

I have already introduced to you the great quality of BeautyBigBang stamping plates here, so I am not going to repeat myself. The designs are very well etched and easy to pick up with any of my stampers, I have many of different brands and they all work well. Also, the designs are very well proportioned, as the measure 20mmx 15mm, which fits most nail sizes.
The floral stamping designs are my favourite, and as I was planning to create different spring themed manicures I thought these two plates would be perfect, I wasn't mistaken!

The Each Stamping plate retails for 2.76 USD! The plate #10 is available here and the plate #16 is available here.

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My manicure

The prompt for today's challenge is "Pastel Watercolor"! There are several ways to create a "watercolour" efect, using sharpies and alcohol, or very sheer nail polish. I decided to try a different thing today, I created a background using "dry brushstrokes" technique. This technique basically consists in laying a first base (I used white polish in this case) and then with your regular polish, directly using the brush provided in your polish bottle, you first unload a max of product in the neck of the bottle and when the brush is almost clean, you do your strokes on your nails. I used 4 different paste colours from the brand Zoya:  Zoya Lillian (Pastel blue), Tiana (pastel green), Leslie (pastel lilac), Dot (pastel pink).
I really like this technique and the effect that I obtained! Once I was done with my brushstrokes it was pretty messy, but I was using the BeautyBigbang Cuticle protector so you can see on my pictures how easy was to get rid of the mess! As soon as I remove the peel of guar with a pair of tweezers, the mess magically disappears!

Once my watercolour background was dry, I applied the peel-off cuticle protector again and stamped over it using  Born Pretty Stamping Polish Black and BeautyBigBang Stamping plate #16. Using a cuticle protector, you also avoid the stamping black polish getting on your cuticles and fingers!

I was super happy with my pastel nails! They are so suitable for Spring! What do you think? Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates on the Facebook Group!