Hello, sweeties!
How are you doing today? It's been a while since I last talk to you about nail care, so today, I'm very happy to share with you my current nail and hand care with the  Supreme Gold Elements Manicure kit* by the brand Premier Dead Sea. I can't wait to tell you how good this is, I also think this would be a perfect Mother's day gift, a daily dose of luxury for mom.

As you know, if you follow me for a while, I've already tested other products from this brand and I was very impressed! You can read my opinions about other products of this brand herehere and here
Premier Dead Sea is a luxury skincare brand and its laboratories are based in Israel where they develop high-quality skincare using the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals. Their products are distinctive because they combine the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, of Algae from the Dead Sea, of black mud from the Dead Sea and their innovative Liposome Complex.

Until now, I have reviewed only Premier skincare for the face, but of course, as you know I'm a nail fanatic, I couldn't let this luxurious Gold kit for nails and hands without giving it a try!

This beautiful set is composed by 4 elements: 

A gentle, protective and soothing hand cream to protect your skin. A non-greasy formulasinks into the skinto moisturize and condition, leaving your hands silky soft to the touch.

Deeply soothe, moisturize and nourish the cuticles. Ideal when buffing your nails, your cuticles will be softer and your nails stronger looking. It will prevent uneven skin around the nails.

To smooth away rough nail edges and shape your nail faster and easier.

A fantastic buffer which grants a beautiful gleam to your nails and assists in stimulating the blood circulation underneath your nails, which encourages healthy growth.


HAND AND NAIL CREAM:Apply any time onto your hand, massage until absorbed. 
CUTICLE OIL Apply daily or after buffering, massage around the nail until absorbed.
NAIL FILE:To smooth away rough nail edges and shape your nail faster and easier.
1. Use the gold strip to buff each nail using back and forth motion for 2-3 seconds, once done your nail will be smooth.
2. Use the grey strip to buff each nail for 2-3 seconds, this will remove all remaining ridges.
3. Buff each nail for 5-10 seconds until you reach a glossy shine. Unlike nail polish, this shine won’t come off.

My Experience

My hands are always dry and I'm frequently reaching out for hand lotion. I don't use fancy hand lotions during the day, because I wash my hands often and it is kind of a waste to apply and re-apply an expensive hand cream throughout the day. But in the evening, once I end all my tasks and I'm getting ready for bed, pampering my cuticles with an oil and my hands with a richer fancier cream, is definitely a pleasure.

The Gold Elements Cuticle Oil combines mainly sweet almond oil and rosehip oil with 24k Gold powder, to treat the cuticles, nourishing them and moisturising them, turning them very supple, so that the nails always look perfect.The oil has also added fragrance, which is absolutely divine! Fresh and floral, a bit of rose and a point of sweetness that I can't pin down but it is simply delicious.

This oil is very rich and it takes a while to sink in, giving you plenty of time to massage your cuticles, which I definitely recommend for best results. I love how this oil treats my cuticles, I love the scent and its texture, but there is something I don't like: the packaging! This oil comes in a thin squeeze tube with a screwcap. Even when I tighten the cap to the maximum of my strentgh, it is not completely leak proof, so I always have to be careful to store my tube upwards, otherwise the very fluid oil would leak! Let's say the packaging has room for improvement. Maybe a bottle with a dropper or a roll-on tube would be better options.

The Gold Elements Hand Cream is a pure delight. It is silicone based and combines Rosehip oil, alfalfa extract, the Premier liposome complex, glycerin, stearic acid, 24K gold powder and the same delicious fragrance of the cuticle oil. 
The cream has a light but silicone-y texture, it penetrates very fast without leaving an oily feeling, but the skin feels immediately moisturized, more supple and smooth. Definitely a keeper. 
The packaging is a convenient and very nice looking squeeze tube that lives on my nightstand! 

The Gold Elements Buffer block and Nail File are handy tools, I only use once a week when I do my nails. I don't care much about the file which is a bit rough for my taste, but the nail buffer block is exceptional! It has the perfect texture, very gentle and efficient to give the perfect buffed smooth nail surface in 5 seconds, so I'm really happy they've included these in the set.

The Supreme Gold Elements Nail Kit is available online in Premier website, and it retails for CHF 69. The cream contains 120 ml of product, while the cuticle oil tube contain 20ml of product, which goes a long way, as you only need one drop for all ten nails.

Bottom line

I've been enjoying this kit a lot, especially the cuticle oil and hand cream, they definitely add a highlight moment to my evenings just before bed! I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a little bit of luxury in their daily pampering and I also think it can make a lovely present for mother's day!

What kind of products do you use for your nail and hand care? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*Press sample in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions are my own and 100% honest.