Hello, sweeties!
How are you doing on this rainy Sunday? You know what gloomy Sundays are for... SKINCARE! Yes, this moment is great for giving your skin an extra pampering time, to start the week with that extra oomph. Today, I'm very excited to present you a deliciously scented Facial Exfoliating Gel* by the brand Premier Dead Sea.

As you know, if you follow me for a while, I've already tested other products from this brand and I was so impressed! You can read my opinions here.
Premier Dead Sea is a luxury skincare brand and its laboratories are based in Israel where they develop high-quality skincare using the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals. Their products are distinctive because they combine the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, of Algae from the Dead Sea, of black mud from the Dead Sea and their innovative Liposome Complex.

My skin was in its best condition ever after having used the wonderful skincare routine from Premier Dead Sea. I wish my skin kept that wonderful appearance and health but, unfortunately, I've been given a new medication for my endometriosis, which contains, of course, synthetic hormones. That made a drastic change on my skin, which became even more dehydrated than usual and I had breakouts galore. When the PR from Premier Dead Sea asked me if I was curious to test something different I thought this cleanser (and another product that I will show you soon) will be of great help for my skin as it is now.

Premier Para-Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel

The claims

The Premier website describes this Eye Cream Gel as follows: "A high-performance PH 5.5 soapless cleanser gel enriched with essential oils and Dead Sea minerals. Each pure essential oil has its own therapeutic properties. Uniquely combined with Dead Sea minerals and liposomes, it creates a very high-performance facial cleanser and gentle facial scrub. Cleans and balances the skin.

Three times a week, exfoliate your skin with this cleanser. Wet your face and gently massage the cleanser into your t-zone, cheek bones, jawline, and chin. Once you’ve completely massaged your face, rinse the cleanser away and pat skin dry."

My Experience

I've never expected to love this cleanser so much. The packaging is simple, a squeeze tube, containing 125ml of product. I only need a drop to exfoliate my entire face so this tube will last me very long. I appreciate that it shelf life is 12 months after opening because I've been using it for 4 weeks, three times per week and I've hardly noticed a difference in the content. I am a bit exigent with my skincare, so if I should say a negative thing about this product is that the packaging has a twist cap which is not the easiest to handle when you're washing your face. But that is just a detail.
The appearance of the tube is very nice too, it is translucent with a gold cap and gold writing, It looks very elegant on top of my vanity or on my bathroom sink.

Ok, I like the packaging, but what about the juice? This facial cleanser is a gel with vegetal micro grains, ideal for treating skin that is acne prone or with opened pimples. Its texture is viscose, but runny, like a thick gel. When applying it to my wet face, it doesn't slip, on the contrary, it becomes quite sticky, that feeling reminds me my homemade honey cleansers so much that I read through the ingredients list to see if there was some honey in it. It doesn't lather or foam in any way, it does no contain ingredients that would foam either. It feels very gentle on the skin and the exfoliation is super mild despite the grains being not so small. I am admittedly scared of physical exfoliators, but this one is very gentle, I'd say the most gentle among the ones I've tried.

Let's talk for a minute about the fragrance. This product is scented, I know many people don't like scent in their skincare, but I insist that this is not any kind of scent. This cleanser definitely deserves the "Aromatherapy" definition. The fragrance of this product is soft, delicately fruity and a bit flowery. I recognize a fresh scent of tropical fruits, it's so delightful! I definitely enjoy that sensory moment and the fragrance does make a difference to me in this case.

After massaging the cleanser on my face, I rinse it with warm water (as it is advised) and my face already feels decongested, very clean, but not tight or dry, which is a plus for me. After a few weeks using this cleanser, my skin breakouts have improved a lot, and my skin is brighter, softer and my breakouts have considerably diminished. I am so happy to have tried this cleanser and I definitely recommend it!

The Para-Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel comes in a 125ml tube, retails for CHF 39 and it is available online at premier-deadsea.ch or on your nearest store here.

Key Ingredients

Apricot Seed Grains: Gentle and effective, apricot seed grains are used to give this cleanser the exfoliating element needed to help balance skin. A unique benefit that apricot seed grains is the ability to draw out excess sebum impeded deep into skin.

Essential Oils: Naturally cold-pressed and pure, sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, and other essential oils have been added into this formula to help balance, smooth, and brighten skin.

Dead Sea minerals: nourish and improves appearance of the skin diminishing blemishes and breakouts.

Bottom line

I reckon Premier Dead Sea products are pricey, but I find this particular cleanser to be quite similarly priced to other high-end cosmetics brands while being superior to many in the formulation and effects it provides. I'd say that is your skin is having a hard moment with breakouts and you are the type of person who enjoys to indulge into a me-time session of self-pampering, you definitely should give this cleanser a try.

Do you struggle with breakouts? Have you tried any of the Premier products?

Have a lovely evening and a great start to your week tomorrow!

*Press sample in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions are my own and 100% honest.