Hello, my lovelies!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far!
Today I'd like to show you my entry for the Nail Crazies Unite Challenge, which prompted us to create a "rainbow water marble" manicure. Here is what I came up with, I hope you like it!

Well, I LOVE rainbow manicures, my rainbow manicure is my Facebook's Page cover, but there is something I don't do, that is water marble technique. Basically me and water marble nail art are at odds, I could never ever make it work and I always end up with such a huge mess, that I definitely gave up trying, LOL. So my nails are a water-marble cheat! LOL

For those of you not familiar with water marble technique, this consists in pooring, or dropping, drops of different colours of nail polish in a cup of water, creating a design on the water, by dragging the polish around with a stick and finally dipping your finger into the cup of water so that the design sticks to your nail. Well, believe you me, I could never nail it! haha, what a silly pun. If you are curious to know how pros do it, there is plenty of youtube tutorials if you just search "how to water marble". But if you really, REALLY want to understand the struggle of me, please, watch this masterpiece by Simply Nailogical: How NOT to water marble.

Colour from left to right: Moyou London "Femme fatale"(red), "Bubblegum"(orange), "Bahamas Punch" (yellow), BornPretty Stamping Polish #12 green, MoYou London "thunderstorm"(blue) and "Purple Punch" (purple)

For achieving this cheated manicure I used two techniques, gradient sponging and stamping. I first painted my nails with a white basecoat from OPI, and I sponged a rainbow gradient on two of my fingernails. Once everything was dry, I used a stamping plate with "water marble images" to cheat my water marble. I used different colours (listed below) for achieving a "rainbow look". I also stamped with white on the gradient and tadaaa! those are my rainbow nails!

What do you think of these nails? Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates in the list below for more "Rainbow" nail art.

Have a lovely Weekend!