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I am so very excited to be writing about some new skincare I have been trying lately! I know, there is not much suspense this time, the question: "does this really work?" is totally redundant this time. When you perceive my excitement, you already know I am going to talk about an amazing product today.
I've been using the Premier Prestige Miracle Noir Mask from the luxury skincare brand Premier Dead Sea and I am so impressed I couldn't wait to share with you my fully informal but extremely honest review. Please, keep reading!

As you know, if you follow me for a while, I've already tested other products from this brand and I was already very happy with the concept and results. You can read my opinions here and here.
Premier Dead Sea is a luxury skincare brand and its laboratories are based in Israel, where they develop high-quality skincare using the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals. Their products are distinctive because they combine the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, Algae from the Dead Sea, black mud from the Dead Sea and their innovative Liposome Complex.

My skin

Today It's time to present to you one of their best-selling products and maybe THE skincare item the brand is most famous for: The Miracle Noir Mask.

Around mid-February, I was given a new medication for my endometriosis, which contains, of course, synthetic hormones. That made a drastic change on my skin, which became even more dehydrated than usual and I had breakouts galore. My usual skincare routine wasn't improving the state of my skin, so I decided to experiment a little with other products. Two things helped me greatly with breakouts and both contain minerals from the Dead Sea. One is black mud soap, that I use daily on my face and other parts of my body where I also have acne, I've talked about it here. The other thing I incorporated which helped greatly with breakouts was the Gentle exfoliating gel by Premier Dead Sea (read about it here). After this, my face was pretty much clear of pimples, but still my skin was disbalanced and terribly dry! Then, I started using this Miracle Noir Mask, with high expectations, after reading a few good reviews, and my expectations were surpassed. (note this mask is not recommended for acne prone skin).

Premier Prestige Miracle Noir Mask

The claims

The Premier website describes this Miracle Noir Mask as follows: "The classic mask that made Premier Dead Sea famous has been reinvented. Revolutionary refinements and enhancements have made this newly patented treatment absolutely astonishing. Fine texture, powerful antioxidants, and essential oils leave skin looking and feeling younger than ever. The power of this mask works hours after it has been removed so you only need it once a week".
The mask is suitable for all skin types except for acne prone skin. It shouldn't be applied on irritated skin or open pimples or acne.


After cleansing skin, apply a layer of the mud mask to the entire face avoiding the eye area. Leave the mask on for 10 – 20 minutes. To remove the mask, wrap the black mineral bar in a tissue and glide over the mask on the skin. The black mineral bar will lift the mud away and leave behind a beautiful, glistening barrier of essential oils. The essential oils can then be massaged in and then left on overnight for an intense moisturizing treatment.

My Experience

This mask has a very high reputation, as I haven't seen any bad review about the effects of the mask. The first time I opened it I was so excited to use it, that I rush through the photo shooting, LOL. I didn't notice that some of my pics are out of focus, but bear with me!
I have read and watched every youtube video and blog post I could find and thinking about the essential oils it contains I was a little afraid for my sensitive skin, the formula claims to be hypoallergenic, and I had no reactions at all.

The packaging is a beautiful jar made of blue glass with a golden double cap. The cap has a section where you find a mineral bar that will serve you to remove the mask from your face. Then the lid opens to reveal the jar that contains the mask, which is sealed (I really appreciate hygienic seals!). The mask comes with a little spatula that I highly advise to use for applying the mask. If you have a special spatula for applying masks that is also good, I wouldn't recommend using a brush for application as it would waste a lot of product.

The mask presents itself as a thick balm, fully solid, so you really need to carve it, that's why I prefer using a spatula to pick it up rather than sticking my fingers into it. Applying the mask with the same spatula on the face is pretty easy, the product spreads nicely and evenly. It has a very rich smell of herbal and essential oils (especially eucalyptus), I immediately feel like in a spa. Although the mask contains black mud from the dead sea, it will not dry on your face. This is not a clay mask type.

The amount I used for my face (I didn't apply it on my neck) was equivalent to a tea spoon, I can speculate this jar will last me for about 10-12 uses.

The mask feels rich on the skin, I didn't feel any tingly or weird feeling while I let the product pose on my face. I waited around 20 minutes and proceed to the FUN moment: removal!

The removal is so easy and quite fun. It is really amazing how the brand came up with this concept, so you get 20 minutes the benefits of the minerals, but these won't ever absorb into your skin, so you need to remove it. However, if you wash it off (it's totally possible to do so) but you'd lose all the benefits of the essential oils and plant extracts. So they came up with a revolutionary system: a mineral bar included in the upper part of the lid. You simply wrap up this little bar in a tissue and effortlessly remove all the black mineral. This way, all other ingredients remain o top of your skin. Watch my demonstration in the video below, you'll be surprised!

Once I removed the minerals from my face a very pleasant (but oily) coat remains on my skin, I choose to massage it until it absorbs because I was having this dryness problem that I describe further above. But if it's already bedtime for you, you can leave it on as a night mask. OR if you have oily skin you can remove the oils with a cleansing milk and a cotton pad. Try to avoid washing your face immediately after applying the mask or you would rest to the benefits of the product.

Now, let's talk about results, even though you imagine -as I'm very happy- that they were good, what did this mask do for my skin? Well, let me try to enumerate for you all the benefits my skin got:

Soothing: the mask definitely soothes my skin that is currently upset by the hormonal treatment I'm taking.

Long lasting hydration and moisture: This mask does both things, my skin looks so hydrated and deeply moistured, it feels super soft to the touch, I almost couldn't believe it the first time. I used it in the morning, then applied makeup. When I removed my makeup in the evening, skin was still very hydrated. Several days after applying this mask, I don't feel tightness or discomfort and my dry patches have completely disappeared.

Brightening and smoothing: my skin is nourrished and plumped up so that it looks brighter and younger. The tiny fine lines on my forehead (microwrinkles that show dehydration) have completely disappeared and this for sure gives me a younger appearance!

I see and feel the improvements on my skin from the first application. My skin is more elastic, plumper, brighter, and feels so soft to the touch. I am in love with this mask! After three uses, my husband agrees thatI look 5 years younger.

The Premier Miracle Noir Mask comes in a 60ml jar, retails for CHF 159 and it is available online at premier-deadsea.ch or on your nearest store here.

Key Ingredients

There aren't real miracles in skin care. Although the results can be spectacular, bhind each wonderful effective product there is a flawless and complex formula that provides the substance to ensure the results! Only by reading the list in the back of the package, one understands why this mask is so effective.

I know ingredients list are quite hard to swallow and digest (they are for me!) but I learn a lot reading through them and I also learn about the effects on my own skin. So I prepared this little summary with some explanations of the key ingredients in the Miracle Noir Mask. I hope it is helpful!

Black mud from the Dead Sea: cleanse and softens skin, improving its appearance.

Essential Oils: Naturally cold-pressed and pure, sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, rosa moschata oil, eucalyptus leaf oil have been added into this formula to help balance, smooth, and brighten skin, working as powerful antioxidants.

Lanolin and beeswax: both ingredients are powerful emollients and act as humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it.

Liposome Complex: developed by Permier used to administer the full potential of other ingredients.

Retinyl Acetate: this natural form of vitamin A can penetrate deeply in skin where it stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Evens out skin tone and improves sun damage spots/pigmentation.

Tocopherol: a form of  Vitamin E oil, which works to block free radicals from the body, reducing wrinkles and keeping the skin youthful-looking. This is an antioxidant.

Beta carotene:  is a precursor of vitamin A (retinol).

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice: soothes skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory.

Dead Sea salt: nourish and improves the appearance of the skin, reducing blemishes and imperfections.


For me, the excellence in the quality of Premier products makes no doubt. Every single thing I've tried from them is a total bomb. Using this mask has been a very delightful experience for me, from the fragrance and the textures to the incredibly positive results for my skin, which is the most important when talking about skincare. We are talking about high quality, and luxury products, and of course the price tag is quite high. But unlike other more frequently used products like cleanser, face cream or serum that you apply once or twice daily, I see myself indulging way more easily in a special treatment I can use once per week for a little "Me time". I definitely think this mask is worth the splurge!

What are your thoughts about Miracle skincare? Have you tried any of the Premier products? How does "at home spa experience" sound to you?


*Press sample in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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