Hello, lovelies! How are you today?

I don't wish you happy Friday as I usually do because today is Good Friday and for my religion is a day we reflect on the suffering, a day for grieving before the renewal and the rebirth that the idea of resurrection brings within. Today is a holiday in my country, and for me, it is a day for introspection. We don't do anything special, we eat frugally and we stay at home. If I'm not too tired, I watch the Via Crucis on live streaming once the children go to bed. That's about it. Is today a holiday in your country too? What do you do on days like today?

I have already prepared a manicure for today's Nail Art Challenge, which is "Pond Mani". What? If you'd like to find out what Pond manicure means, please, keep reading!

I'm not sure who was the first person to create a "Pond mani", but it basically consists in creating the illusion of depth in quiet water as a pond on the nails. The best way to achieve this 3D effect of depth is using a "jelly nail polish", that is a very translucent polish, which though it is not clear, it lets see through.

To create my manicure I used this two techniques: stamping and layering. I started painting my nails with a jelly purple (China Glaze Creative Fantasie), except for my ring fingernail and my thumb, where I used a jelly magenta pink (OPI Houston We have a purple) as an accent. Once my base was dry (jelly polishes can dry pretty fast) I stamped some images of flowy leaves and flowers from the plates Born Pretty Store BPL-026 and BP-L008, using white stamping polish MoYou London White Knight.
The pond mani is achieved by layering one layer of translucent polish and one layer of stamping, and so on so forth. I did three layers and was happy with the result.

That was it! I hope you like my new manicure. Please, go pay a visit to my challenge mates to see more "Pond manicures"!!