Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

I've been wanting to include some outfits post in my blog for a while, and I finally had the occasion to do so. Last weekend, my hubby and I were invited to the opening of the first boutique of Wildhorn Fine Cosmetics in Crans Montana. My hubby agreed to play the "photographer" role in my fashion shooting! It was fun, I think he did really well! What do you think of his pictures?

We are having such glorious weather these days. The sky has been bright blue and the days warmer since last Monday. But the truth is, winter is not completely over, we are only half way through February and while it can get over 10°C in the afternoons, the mornings can be quite chilly near 0°C. That is why I love styling my outfits with Oversized scarves like the one I'm wearing here! There are a few advantages about getting one of these, want to see?

I put up this simple look of baggy pants in an aubergine colour with a tie, which I paired to a mustard turtleneck of very fine texture. This outfit is super comfy, and also a bit chic (I mean if you compare with my usual "yoga pants-sweatshirt" look). I thought to wear this with ankle booties, because the weather has warmed up a little these days, and we are starting to have two figures temperatures. This was an excellent option to be indoors, but when we decided to have a drink (hot cuppa tea ;) on the terrace, boy it's chilled outside! This Oversized Scarf I recently got at Manor (-70% discount) was ideal!

I love that the scarf is thick knitted, it can make your outfit look elegant, or more casual, depending on what you pair it with. It is super cosy, and will definitely keep you warm in the outdoor chill, but without completely covering your outfit as a coat would. This scarf could also be worn on top of your favourite coat when it is really cold too!

I like this look because I find it simple, comfortable and pretty. I must say I am also IMPRESSED witht he pics my hubby took of me, because, honestly, I never EVER come this photogenic on pictures, I don't know how he did it, but he seems to have captured the best of me (yep, definitely, if you are thinking I don't look fine in this pictures, is because you've never seen me in real life! I look much much worse!)

What do you think of the outfit? Have you enjoyed my new "Outfit Section"? Should I continue writing outfits suggestions posts?

Have a wonderful week,

Knitted Oversized Scarf from Manor