Hello my dears! How are you doing today? I'm feeling like crap again, because of the flew once more. I can't remember when it was that I felt completely healthy, pfff. My little guy is also ill, but he hasn't got a temperature, so luckily he might be spared this time. I can't begin to tell how I wish this winter was OVER! 
Well, as I promised, I'm posting today some pictures of my baby's first birthday party. He's got the Mickey Mouse cake, which took me hours to make! But I got many compliments, so it was worthy in the end (I've blurred my son's name on the cake). Home made muffins, cupcakes and (for some reason I forgot to photograph) salty finger food. We were 16 adults, 8 children and 2 soon-to-be-born! That explains the amount of food :D


I'm mostly posting the food because I don't know whether the people would agree or not to their faces be shown on the internet, so to spare me the hassle of asking everybody, or concealing the faces, I just skip that part. I include all the same a pic of my little guy opening his presents, but I've blurred his pretty face, because you never know!

Thanks for reading and letting me share the happy moments of my life with you!
Loads of love,