Hi darlings! Happy Friday to you all!
How are you doing today? I'm not feeling at my best and thought I wouldn't bare to paint my nails because I've been coughing all day. Instead I'd like to share with you all the products I've used up recently.
I've decided to write a post like this every two months because I get many products in big sizes, so it takes a while until they're finish, and also sometimes I have several products of the same kind open at the same time (lets say hand creams, lip balms, etc.) and it takes longer to use them up.

So here is the list:

Body care:
  • Just Cavalli Pink   Body Lotion "Her" : would re buy: nope, it's been  discontinued
  • Bath product Dove Softening Silk Bath:   with 1/4 of Mosturizing cream. I have not liked this. It smells good and actually leaves skin silky and mosturized, but is a nightmare for the bathtub. Honestly, this product leaves a residue like a film above the water, and when you empty the bathtub it sticks to it, and I hate to be rubbing my bathtub after a relaxing bath, it just takes away all the magic. Will not re buy it (just to make it clear).
Face Care: 
  • Benefit Triple performing Facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++ oil-free: I'd re buy it, but not for now, because I have other mosturizing to use up first.
  •  Aveda   Outer peace  Foaming cleanser: this is good for my skin, I'd probably re buy once I use up the other cleanser I got first.
  • Précision Chanel  Maximum Radiance Exfoliating gel : this is my genius exfoliating and I've already got a back-up months ago!
Hair care:
  • Schwarzkopf - Bonacure  Smooth Shine Shampoo for unmanageable hair: this product is not meant for my type of hair, I really hated using it, and used it up just because it was so expensive. Would never re-buy it. You really need to have a WHOLE LOT of hair to use this. 
  • Concealer YSL Anti-cernes multiaction concealer N°2: this is perfect for me! I got a back-up in the last Christmas sale, and has been my go-to concealer for years now.
  • Biotherm Biomains age delaying hand & nail treatment, water resistant: this hand cream was a pleasure to use. I recommend it to anyone! Leaves skin silky, rehydrated and non-greasy. If I didn't have a 3 pack Nivea SOS hand balm waiting to be opened I would re-buy this.
  •   L'oréal Resist & shine Strong 5x stronger pro-kératine Nail strengthener: this has been my holy grail nail strengthener for more than 10 years, it's been discontinued for a long while now, and this was my last back-up :(
  • Nivea Repair & care SOS hand balm: Very good affordable product, I will totally re-buy it.
  • Gemey/Maybelline Dissolvant Express Nail polish remover with acetone: I will not be buying this or any other acetone-based remover ever again! This leaves my nails so dry, I hate it.
  • Gemey/Maybelline Dissolvant douceur without acetone: this has been my acetone-free remover for a long while now. It's very good and I'd recommend it, but I have found a better option, so I'll not re buy it for the time being.
  • Essence Studio nails 3 in 1 nail polish remover with acetone: this stuff claims to be a wonder removing nail glue, nail art stuff, and nail polish. But I don't consider it a wonderful product. It does not better than other drugstore stuff, and it drys nails extremely. I won't rebuy it and I do not recommend it.
  • Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra acetone-free: I have tried dozens of removers, and I can assure you this is wonderful. I can hardly believe this product costs only 1.95 CHF, it's the best remover I've had in years, and It's now going to be my ONLY remover. Totally re buying this, and I absolutely recommend it.
  • Seche vite Dry fast top coat: I like this top coat because its the fastest drier and gives great shine, but I do not like the fact that it contains toluene and that it shrinks some nail polishes. I'm on the search for a better option and Essence has one top coat that is not bad, but is not as fast... I have a back up of seche vite, but I'll not re-buy it.
  • Mavala 002 Protective base coat: I have been using this base coat for the past 3 years to prevent staining and yellowness on nails. So far so good. Except for the price. This retails 12 USD in Switzerland, which I find a little too much for a base coat, so I'm still searching for a more affordable option that does the same or better. We shall see.
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò Eau de toilette: It smells good, but in my opinion, nothing to make all that fuss about. So I will not be re buying it.
Well, I do not know if this post will actually be of help to anybody, but it surely helps me. In a way I'm "forced" to use up the products I open, and I've got a certain "discipline" lately, as not to open new products while I haven't use up the ones which are currently open or half way through. Of course this does not count for nail polish eyeshadow or lipstick!!
Have you tried any of these products? if so, what is your opinion about them? Anything in this list you'd like to try? Please, let me know your thoughts!