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Hello my dears! How are you? This is a short post to say to you that  I had to create a new Facebook page to replace the one I created 6  days ago... I will explain all because it sounds so weird, but the most important is, I'm afraid all the followers have been lost. This post goes specially to the amazing ladies who have already liked my page in facebook: my dears, I'm terribly upset because of this, and I really hope that all of you who have liked my page in the past week, will do it again, will you?

So here is the explanation:

Mistake n°1: I created a page for my blog knowing nothing about pages and very little about facebook. WRONG!
 I should have read all the info Facebook has for creating a page. It's quite easy!

Mistake N° 2: I decided that, not to invade my personal page with nails and things I had to create a new facebook profile. So I did. WRONG!
I could have had an indipendent page under my current facebook profile! I was having to log in and out to switch between my personal fb page and the blog page, it was a nightmare!!

Mistake n° 3: When I created a new profile in FB attached to a different e-mail address, I didn't create a person like "Natalia x owner of the blog", but just a FB Page for the blog. WRONG!
In that manner I have no WAY to interact with anyone in facebook, because I was not able to leave  messages, or liking others, or joining groups!

So after 6 days I realized this was not going to work as a expected, and decided to start all over from the start. I really hope this will work now! So, click here to like my new definitive page.