Essence LE: OZ The Great & Powerful my picks and EOTD

Hello my lovelies! How are you doing today? Today I have for you my very last haul before the NBB begun. I got some items from the latest Essence LE collection Oz the Great and Powerful. Many cosmetics brands have jump on board of the hype this film arouses, and though I'm not much interested in it, I can hardly say no to cheap makeup, lol!

Here are my picks: (you can click on every picture to enlarge it)

 A cream blush in 01 Beware the wicked witch:

Two eyeshadows in 01 Goodness (left) and 03 Generosity (right):

Two eye pencil in 01 Fragile but feisty (top), and 02 China girl (bottom), and a gold nail polish in 03 Good witch, which only later I realized it was a cracking topcoat!! (why essence, why??)

So here are the swatches:

From left to right: 01 Goodness, 03 Generosity, 02 China girl, 01 Fragile but feisty.
Next a little demonstration of the cream blush 01 Beware the wicked witch

WARNING: it stains!! I'm so glad I tried it first on my arm. You need to be very careful while applying this blush, only a very tiny little bit will do the trick, and it will instantly stain your skin so my advice is to apply it rigth from the start without hesitations!
Now to the EOTD:

For this eye look I used the following:

- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Essence eyeshadow in 03 Generosity on the crease
- Essence eyeshadow in 01 Goodness over the moving eyelid
- NYX a matte vanilla shade from the Naked butt palette on browbone and inner corner
- Essence eye pencil in 01 Fragile but feisty on 1/3 of the lash line
- Nyx Doll eye Mascara Volume
- Sigma brushes E60, E55, E70, E40

The Essence eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, and have almost zero fallout, which is GOOD! The eye pencils are amazing, soft and pigmented, just as any of the high end brand, and they last really well considering they're not waterproof.

Have you picked any items of the Essence Wizard of OZ Collection? Will you? Anything here that awakes your interest? Let me know your thoughts!!

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  1. Anonymous5/3/13 19:58

    That liquid blush looks interesting. I'll have to give it a try!

    1. Hi Melissa! I'd say is more of a cheek stain than a cream blush, but it blends easily, so it work for me.

  2. Salut Nati, great picks dear!!! I saw the range in our Coop too, I gave it a pass - I am hyper sensitive and had to bin my last Essence make-up buys :-( - got all red, dry, hot skin and it itched like hell - aaaargh. The eyeshadow looks stunning on you xxx

    1. Salut Christine, is so annoying when you get skin issues because of a product! I had the same reaction with a Dior foundation, I guess they put too much perfume on that stuff.
      thanks for the compliment! xxx

  3. Aw, cool to see the collection and great reviews of it. I also like your EOTD, very good photos from all the needed angles! Some people with EOTD shows too few photos so it's impossible to see what's been done if you know what I mean. I'm looking forward to see the polishes too. :D

    1. Thanks Gelic, your so nice! I don't think I'll post swatches of the polish because it's a cracking topcoat, and I hate those!

  4. luce muy bien el verde con tus ojos cordinan. el blush es bonito, las cosas de la colección no están para morirse pero no se ve mal tampoco

    1. Tienes razón Andrea, no es una colección tan original... con decirte que ni siquiera tomé el polvo iluminador (con la debilidad que tengo por ello) ya te digo todo.

  5. ami también me gustan esos tipos de polvos y si lo dejaste dice mucho en verdad

  6. You bought some pretty little things! :-) I love your eye-look! :-)


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