Hello my dears! Happy Saturday!!
I hope you all spent Valentine's Day in the best possible way. I enjoyed a tête-à-tête dinner with my hubby, and it was soooo romantic (and also fun). I really think there should be a Valentine's day once per month (at least, lol).

Today is the 16th battle of this Challenge and is an inspiration battle: Texture vs. pattern. We've been seeing a lot of texture polish lately, and I'm not much of a fan for texture thingy on my nails. So I went for the most classic pattern in the world: pied-de-poule or hound's-tooth pattern.
Of course I had to introduce some twist to it, because I wasn't feeling much the classic black and white.

For this mani I used two coats of China Glaze Flying dragon, which dries matte. I left it that way because I liked the idea of the "tissue look" matte shades can bring along. I stamped over it with Maybelline Winner takes it all! using the Konad plate m63. I really got the impression my stamping skill have improved, do you think so too?
I like a lot the combo purple-gold, and I think it turned out quote fun despite being such a classic pattern.
What do you think about it? Do you like purple and gold together?

I've noticed my fellows co-challengers haven't been posting much manicures for this challenge. So I might be a bit of a lonely runner, at this point, but I'm a very proud one! so you may check my fellows blogs even if it seems nobody is doing the challenge any more, LOL!

Have a wonderful weekend!