Feb 14, 2013

Nail Look for Valentine's day: My funny Valentine

<3<3<3 Happy Valentine's day to all my lovely readers!! (and also to everyone else, of course :P )

Today is kind of a difficult day for me, because
I need to find what to wear. That might sound terribly frivolous to anyone, but, lately, I really haven't been dressing as femininely as I used to (before maternity that is). My most recent "feminine" outfit, just a little black dress, is for summer ! (I spent New Year's eve in Argentina, where I wore the dress). Needless to say, my other feminine dresses... well I just don't fit in them. As last year,  I was huge 9 months pregnant for this date, and the year before I was skinny, so my winter wardrobe is lacking in the "sexy-wear" department. So right now, being in a NBB (no-buy-brake) is not really helping me out.
Well, let's forget minor obstacles in life and : onto the nails!

The mani I want to share with you today was actually done some days ago. So is not the mani I'll be wearing tonight (most probably plain sexy red nails! my hubby does not like decorations :( and just for today I'm trying to please him!). I find much more fun this one, because is not what you expect for Valentine's day. So it has some unusual side to it I love, and somehow reminds me of that famous song (most of you are way too young to even know about). It's still "love" theme, so I find it also very appropriate! 
(what is it with me today all seems to be between brackets!!???)

I've used three thin coats of China Glaze Snow, and let it dry HOURS! then applied some French tips guides and do skittles using the following polishes:
  • YSL Mauve popeline -the lilac shade
  • Art de Lautrec #409 - the bright pink one
  • Bourjois so laque! Lime catwalk -the bright green
  • Mavala Los Angeles - the red shade
Then I applied the Essence Hugs & kisses stickers, top it all with Mavadry and that's it!

I hope you like this mani, though I know is not the expected look for Valentine's day.
You know, the little white box is for comments, so don't be shy and let it all out!!


  1. Aw I liked this! Unexpected and cute but in a cool and feminine way. I actually first though that you'd free handed the text but then read about the stickers, and maybe that's good. Free handing this would have taken hours I guess! ;)
    Hope your dressing problems will solve them self! Hopefully your hubby loves you no matter what you were and that you'll feel beautiful :)

    1. Hi Gelic! I'm glad you liked the mani and that you were not disappointed by the fact I used stickers.
      I end up wearing a plain midi-skirt with a blouse, but I did add some lace stockings and killer heels. So it was not that bad! Of course my hubby loves me even in sweatshirt! :)

  2. Anonymous14/2/13 13:58

    I absolutely loooove this! Everything's so cute ^^

  3. Oh I love your manicure! Soooo cute and adorable. Happy Valentine's day to you Natalia! <3

    1. Hi Ann-Sofie, I'm glad you liked it. I hope you had a good Valentine's day

  4. Anonymous14/2/13 17:16

    Looks so cute! I usually don't really fancy white on the nails, but this looks really good. Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I've loved your Valentine's looks!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day Nati !! Love your cute mani :)

  6. Ciao Nati! I hope you had a great day!!
    I love this cute mani! Especially the hand with the "message" to your hubby! ;)
    I'm exhausted... What a day...
    Still no parcel... I'm getting a bit worried now actually...
    But hopefully tomorrow!
    Baci cara!

    1. Oh, my Little Miss Nailpolish, I'm so disappointed, I wrote you an e-mail. Please, don't worry, it'll arrive soon (I hope). Love, xxx

  7. Salut Nati, I love your fun Valentines mani!!! So pretty :-)!!! Hope you enjoyed a lovely evening with your hubby all pink and violins!!!! I was in Paris for the day to meet my friend and sister in polish from Brazil - hence my late comment ;-)!!! So while M and I never celebrate Valentines Day I still spent the day in a spectacular city with an amazing friend - what's more to wish for??? Bisous

    1. Salut Christine! It sounds like you spent V-day in the best way possible! I'm glad for you. Bisous, xx


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