Feb 13, 2013

NO-BUY break until Easter and some other Lent resolutions

Hello my dears! Today there's no manis or pictures, just some rumbling. So, you're warned!
My rumbling subject is very simple, as today's the first day of Lent, I wanted to do some sacrifice. As I do not smoke or drink, those weren't real sacrifices to me, and I thought something that would really cost me a lot of effort had to be nail polish related: This means I'm not going to buy any nail polish for 44 days.
Giving it a second thought to the decision, I came to the conclusion that it was hard, but not too hard. Because, although that would demand a lot of discipline to contain myself when going out "shopping", and it would also mean missing all the main Spring releases, and that may have a certain impact on the blog too, in the end, I have so many UNTRIED nail polish, that the fact of no buying new ones would not REALLY affect me. So I decided to go one step further and to impose myself a non buying ANYTHING for me. That goes from cosmetic and makeup to clothes, including other stuff like music, or cinema, theater (well we already have entries for a play on March 13th, but it is part of a suscription to our local Theatre), it also includes not going to the hair stylist, or even buying a chocolate bar, or anything else you could think of that involves spending money on a pleasant thing. That also means I will not be doing any swaps until Easter (Sorry!).

I'm not completely nuts or ridiculous. This is supposed to have some great output in my life. Firstly, it will help me save some money ;) secondly, it will make me save some time too! thirdly, it is good to recover some kind of boundaries, because lately I've been somehow limit-less shopping. I expect to regain some self-control, and spend otherwise my time.

As always, I'll be very pleased to read your comments!
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  1. wow, impressive! good luck!

  2. nah you are not I'm in a no buy from 1 jan 2013 and I intend to keep it the whole year long. Yeah the whole year long, till now it is going smoothly. I changed and i want to be 100% cruelty free buyer. So If need something like deo etc
    a It will be cruelty free. I want to use more natural products on my face hair and body also. I have a big Ban for myself nothing no clothes this year I will be more careful, not that I am a big spender but it is my goal and I intend to make it.

    1. Certainly since I wrote this I've been thinking I might extend the period a while longer than Easter, but I don't think I'm capable of holding it a whole year!

    2. Bueno unos meses es algo. Pero también depende mucho de que ofrezcan las tiendas. Aquí son muy necios y Narrow minded , osea cosas nuevas no se verán fácil en muchas tiendas

  3. I gave up the same thing! However, if I happen to get some nail polish from someone else...I can't possibly say no hahaha ^_^

    1. of course Stania, buying for someonelse does not count! :D

  4. Lo vas a lograr ya veras

  5. I didn't understand what the Lent meant before, I just read about it on facebook some days ago and didn't understand. We don't have any thing like it in Sweden anyhow. :) Hope you'll manage to take yourself through and fulfilling yourself. A motivation could be both money, time and weight. Not eating a lot of junk food/candy makes a difference for sure. :)

    1. Hi Gelic! Lent has not to do with countries but with Christian religion. It's supposedly the remembrance of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert without food, only praying. So as the religion demands this period between the end of Carnival and Easter (which is also a Religious celebration btw) to fast every Friday (or at least eating very little) to live frugally and to pray. That is suppose to "purify". Many religion have that kind of thing. Nowadays, fastening is not really practical because people have to work, and study and do things, so as SYMBOLIC fastening each person who practice this tradition may choose to give up doing something (drinking alcohol, smoking, etc). Hope that was helpful to you!!


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