Feb 12, 2013

Nail Art for Carnival: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Hello my dears! How are you doing!! Happy Mardi Gras to everyone!!
Today is (officially) the last day of the Carnival period. It's supposed to be the day celebrations and party hit their highest point. As you may notice the past few days I've chosen to represent in my nails some icons of this celebrations and we already know how famous are Venetian masks and colorful costumes in Rio de Janeiro. Today I have a very bright mani for you inspired by Mardi Gras in New Orleans, another well known carnival celebration.

For this manicure I painted two coats of Catrice Tokio planet on all nails, and then did the designs using:
- a striping brush,
- a small paint brush (not a special nail art brush :)
- a needle point dotting tool
- I used Catrice Dance in Gion for the purple stripes and hat,
- Essie Vermillionaire for the waves,
- American Apparel Manila for the waves and the hat,
- LA colours nail art polish in lime green for the hat,
- Catrice Discreet artist and  NYX nail art polish liner in black for the mask

And this is the picture I was inspired by:

What do you think about the mani? To be honest I wouldn't wear a mani like this unless I'm really going to a carnival party! lol! To see all the manis I've done Carnival related lick here.

Are you celebrating Mardi Gras??

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  1. Salut Nati, what a happy and joyful mani!!! I love it <3 and again so well translated from your inspiration!! The Fastnacht in Basel starts only next Monday - I hope by then we got rid of the freezing weather...

    1. Thanks Christine!
      The Carnival in Biel starts the first day of Lent, so tomorrow. How strange is that? not to say contradictory? I guess that people do not pay much attention to religion any more (at least in Switzerland).
      That said, I'm planning to desguise my little one for next Saturday, there's the Children's cortège in Biel, how cute would that be! Hoping the weather will be nice!!

  2. Anonymous12/2/13 20:44

    I am starting to sound like a broken record, but again this is some really lovely nail art, well done!

    1. Thanks Melissa, I very much appreciate your opinion!

  3. los colores cordinan muy bien

    1. Gracias Andrea! Enviaré tu correo mañana!

  4. Ciao Nati!
    What a fun and crazy mani!! :D Perfect for Carnival! Well done!!

    1. It's crazy indeed! I'm glad you liked it.
      Tomorrow I'll have another crazy manicure for Valentine's day, lol!
      baci, xx


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