Hello my lovelies! How have you started this week! Hope you're doing well and full of energy.
Today I wanted to share with you another nail art Carnival-inspired. I've showed you recently a mani trying to reproduce a Venetian mask, and thought it looked neat, it wasn't quite the spirit of Carnival I grew up with. Carnival in Latin America is much brighter, more colorful, more joyful and of course hotter. So I thought the right way to express that was through the famous Carnival of Rio de Janeiro costumes, and I've even found an image without nudity!! (lol).

For this manicure I used the most wonderful shade of blue of my entire collection, Gina Tricot Sapphire Blue, which was sent to me by the lovely Little Miss Nailpolish! Thanks Jezzica!! I'll do a separate post showing you the marvelous nailmail my dear friend blogger sent me.

Then I stamped some stars using Essence Icy princess and Konad plate m3. I've added a French tip using Essie Beyond Cozy, and the NYX Ink Nail art Yellow and Light green. I used this last two polishes for drawing some (sort of) feathers in my ring finger nail.

So, how do you like the result? Below is the picture I got inspired by. This costume has all the colours of the Brazilian flag, and I thought it was a nice homage to a neighbour country.

Please, let me know your thoughts about this! Would you wear a manicure like this for Carnival?