Hello my dears! Happy Saturday! We are already oficially in Carnival period since yesterday. To Celebrate that I have for you a manicure inspired by the Carnival of Venice. I can hardly think a more elegant and chic way to celebrate Carnival, this is a unique celebration in the world I guess.
For this manicure I used
two coats of China Galze Liquid Leather and did the designs using Zoya Ziv. On the ring finger I applied a Gold leaf foil, from the Essence Vintage District Nail Art decorations that I received from my lovely Polish fairy (thanks again Christine!)

The look of the nail covered by gold leaf foil is just gorgeous! but boy, was this hard to apply. This leaf is so very thin, I can't think of anything this as thin and delicate, the slightest pressure and it tears...  After tearing the foil twice, I decided to apply it without trying to even out the wrinkles and it worked, but the effect was somehow diminished. I covered the foil with one coat of Mavadry, just to make it a little more resistant since I was planning to paint on it. After that, I used the NYX nail art fine liner in black to draw a "mask"... well that was my intention anyway :P and finally I applied a gold metallic flower from Born pretty store, I used nail glue to hold it.

I've also done my right hand, but of course the result is not the same, and I haven't even try to place the gold leaf on my right hand because it would have been a waste. I just painted two coats of Zoya Ziv over the black on my ring fingernail.

The picture below was my inspiration:

Source: atnews.it via Natalia on Pinterest

So what do you think about it? Have you ever been/seen the Carnival of Venice?

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