Hello my dears! Happy Saturday!
It's been over 2 months since I came back from my trip to Argentina and it seems I never got around to posting these! What a shame!! Well, is not like I haven't been posting at all, lol.
So today is about foreign beauties. As I told you (ages ago) all the family was ill for most of the staying in my home country, and I had not much chance to go hunting for nail polish. All I picked was a Revlon, a Maybelline, a mini neon unknown brand and three polishes from a local brand named Sandoz. Today I'm going to show you the three Sandoz.

Firstly my favourite, Violeta, the one I chose for the cover of this post. (remember you can click on all the pics to enlarge them) This is a purple cream, that applies like a jelly on the first coat and builds opaque with 2 coats, it dries to a rubber finish. I only have one other polish that does that and it's China Glaze Creative Fantasy, so I was quite pleasantly surprise to find a local (very small) brand that has a polish so "sophisticated" and modern. I used 2 coats without topcoat in the photos below. But then decided to add a coat of SV to give it a glossy finish, as it appears in the above picture.
This polish looks very different under different lighting, it is not just a camera trick, this is exactely how my own eyes see the polish under artificial light first, and under natural light later. I find this quite amusing!

 Next is Amatista diamante. Ok, this is not the greatest you will find, but still not bad. This is a foil berry shade with scattered holo particles, that also dries semi-matte, well like a foil polish would do. Application is excellent and opacity also. This is a one coater, I did two coats just in case. What bothers me is that once dry the glitter particles don't sink in the polish, but stay in the surface giving that "gritty feeling".

 I didn't bother to apply a glossy topcoat, but I suppose one coat of SV would even that out. Instead I applied a coat to Essie Matte about you to enhance the matte finish, and I quite like it, but the particles are still there to the touch.

 Last, but not least, is Cuarzo, another semimatte foil with scattered holo glitter particles, but this one is a silver shade. I liked this one better that Amatista diamante, because is more shiny and the grittiness less noticeable. This one was also very easy to apply, and one coater. I did two just because.

All in all I was pretty wowed! OK this are not the best you can find, but I was so amazed a guy in my home town (Fabrizio Daniel Sandoz), is doing these, without being listed anywhere on the internet, and this brand has not even national reach, so it's very local. I'd say they're on the trend, the only nail polish with Holo something I saw, they're also 3Free, which was the reason why I picked this brand. There were other 2 national brands available but they contained formaldehyde and their colours were kind of meh.
Let me know your thoughts about this Argentinian beauties!

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