Happy Saturday my lovelies! How are you doing!
It's time for another spring favorite! It is about HAIR. So I used to be very proud of my hair. It was thick (not the thickest but thick enough) shiny, healthy, and quite a lot. Then, during the period I breast feed my baby I started losing my hair. It was so awful to see all this amount of hair on my pillow every morning, and when I washed my hair I had the impression I was going to become completely bold. Honestly, I had many bold spots that I try very hard to hide. I was advised to take some vitamins special for hair and nails, as an attempt to stop the loss and help it grow back. I did this as a treatment for three months, and my hair does fall less, and I have some hair growing back, which is noticeable near the temples of my forehead, but my hair is thin and bristle, has lost shine and looks flat. I feel definitely bad about this and I still haven't made up my mind to the fact that I'm never getting my hair back. so I'm still trying things and there is where this post goes: Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost is a great shampoo I've started using recently (3 weeks ago) and I already notice a remarkable improvement of how my hair looks.
Just to illustrate I'm posting some pictures of the state of my hair from the birth of my baby until recently. These were not taken for comparison, they're just normal photos, but you can still see the difference.

February 2012, 6 days after birth of my baby:a lot of shiny long hair.

May 2012, Baptism of my boy: I was to the hair stylist and this was the best she could do.

July 2012, bold spots are already visible

August 2012: my hair line was considerably backwards specially near the temples

September 2012, I got another cut to try to "even" the mess. My hair is thin, dry, without shine. I started taking the vitamins.

February 2012: my hair is thin, flat, shine-less, scarce and my hair line has moved back a little more.

So, I'm not saying this shampoo has done a miracle. My hair growing back or not will not depend on the shampoo. BUT this product has given me a little more shine, and volume, and my hair FEELS a little thicker, and for me that's great! I do not say this is the holy grail, but compared to what I used to have I'm satisfied for now. This is how my hair looks today, washed yesterday with Schwarzkopf BC Volume boost, no conditioner whatsoever, just a little blow-dry and brush.

So, if you have any advice for this girl's hair to grow back, or to look healthier, do not hesitate to write it in the comments, I'd be very grateful. Oh, please, note I had never coloured my hair, and I'm not planning to do it, so that's not a good solution for me.
Love you all!
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