No-Buy break is finished, now what?

Hello my dears! How are you doing?

So, Easter is already behind us, and so is my No-buy break. I surely did very well during these 40 days! I haven't bought anything. Not one little hair pin, anything! (Though I had actually received some cosmetic related gifts I'm not counting) But I'm still not proud of myself, because
in no buying new products I realized how many products I have bought in the past, started using and left half full to use something else. When I emptied my first bottle of shampoo during the NBB, I went through my stash and saw I had no less than two different unopened shampoos (one of them reviewed here) and other two bottles half full. Well, that's not right and it's only an example! Same thing goes with a lot of other products!

For this reason I've decided I'm going to continue with the Buy ban until I've used up all the products I have. Of course, I'm now allowing myself to buy nail polish "moderately". I realized during the ban, with all the spring releases, that I was trully not interested in most of them. I started writing them down on my wish list, but while re-reading the list, I realized I could delete many of them and I did. This means I'm going to think very well when a new collection comes out, and filter my wish-list ten times before placing an order with the following questions: "Do I really WANT this polish?", "Will it finish on my untrieds forever?", "Do I have something similar enough that does not justify the purchase?".

So that's that about cosmetics and nail polish. But the ban was bigger! So I'm going to allow myself a hair cut I need desperately, and also some new clothes. My body shape has changed with maternity, and the lack of sport is not helping me lose my superfluous weight. I tried to get help with this issue and talked to my doctor about it, asking her to advise for a nutritionist. Her answer was I'm not "overweight" because my BMI is not over 25 so my health insurance was not going to cover the fees of a nutritionist. I'm currently in no position to afford a treatment myself. So I'm searching the net for a trust worthy less expensive option to lose some weight. Does anyone know about one? I'm inclined to join the Weight Watcher's program, but I'm still not sure. My BMI is now 23.7 and I'd be happy if I could reach a healthy 21.0 BMI, that means for me loosing 8 kg (that's about 18 lbs) and be hopefully translated in 2 sizes smaller, so I could wear most of my wardrobe.

Please, please, please, let me know if you have any experience (good or bad) loosing weight and what would you advise me to do!

Lots of love,
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  1. Bueno yo tuve eso un rato, y tuve que bajar de peso. lo que me ayudo fue bebe te verde, beber jugo de toronja, ( grapefruit)substituir y bajar las raciones de arroz , pasta por verdura, beber mucha agua y no fría sino a temperatura ambiente, no comer después de las 7. y sustituir dulces por frutas, y si quería algo dulce simplemente bajaba las raciones. En vez de azúcar usa miel pero no en raciones altas.

    Yo también quebré mi no buy por un primer de labios y una mascarilla para peel. E primer pues es era algo en siglos que conseguía. Y bueno de aquí sigo con mi NO buy.

  2. Hi and I proud of you being able to fulfill your non-buy-commitment! Buying things without any purpose other than buying is bad for the environment and for the wallet. It's okay to treat one self though, it has to be balance though, not too little and not too much.

    Hm, it must be hard to have gained a lot of weight due to pregnancy and even if you're not considered as overweight to normal standards it's not what you're used to and that's bad enough. I have not really any good advice about weight loss other than you should eat healty and start exercising. If you want a faster weight loss it's all about eating less calories (energy) than you use per day. If you exercise and get rid of more calories than you eat your bound to loose weight. :)

    I've actually (unintentionally(!)) lost about 10kg over a 1 year-1,5 years period with just eating less candy and walking my dog every day. That's awesome. :)

    1. Thanks Gelic! you've got a point, I need exercising. You're so lucky to have lost weight unintentionally! but again you're pretty young... I eat quite healthy, I don't drink alcohol, but I do not exercise at all. I don't seem to find an activity that I like aside from swimming... I like swimming but my allergy does not allow me to do it regularly.
      Thanks again for your kindness!

  3. Salut Nati, congratulations to your successful NBB!!! I am on a NBB for clothes since 11 months - want to reach the 12 ;-)!!! I am not big into cosmetics and I stick fiercly to my true and trieds, so this is easy too, my sole weak point is nailpolish and spring is particularly bad for the environment and my purse - alas it is a weakness. Regarding weight loss: I was diagnosed with increased Cholesterol and was classified as A Risk Patient for Diabetes - only way out - change of diet. I started dating mainly mediterranaen or Asian food, skipping 95 % sweets (I anyhow work out twice a week) - I lost 5kg in 3 months - these days it even became hard to keep my weight. My values are excellent these days b.t.w. Sorry for the long comment - have a wonderful evening - Bisous

    1. Hi Christine! Don't be sorry, I love you commenting, and I really appreciate you share your experience with me.
      I only eat mediterranean food also! quite healthy too. But I guess what is missing in my life is sport. I really have to get moving, but I don't know where to start...
      Thanks for your lovely help! bisous, xx

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  5. You've made it, congratulations! :-) 40 days seems a looong time to me! Fortunately, I have only one problem, I'm not addicted to make up products, beauty products ecc, my addiction is only one, but a big one: nail polishes! :-)

    About the weight, this is my story: 15 years ago I stopped with athletics (throwing discus...) that I practised half-professionaly for more than 10 years and I found myself with almost 20 kg that I didn't want anymore! :-) So, I made I drastic "cut" of the following things: sweets, bread, pasta and drinks like "Coca Cola" that are full of sugar and gas... I started eating much more vegetables, salads, fruits... And I started with other type of exercise like running and riding a bicycle... It was a battle, and I knew that it had to be a long battle, but at the end I won...
    In last 10 years, from the moment when I married and started living in Italy, I didn't have big problems with my weight. I know that my biggest problem is the fact that I adore all kind of sweets, so when I exagerate and my scale shows me that I put some kilo more, I try to avoid sweets for some time... And I kept running and riding a bicycle, it works good for me...! :-)

    I agree with you that the best solution for your problem could be the nutritionist, together with some special gym program where an expert could help you with specific exercises; unfortunately this option is the one that costs a lot... :-(
    But I also think.. no, I don't think, I KNOW that you could do many things for yourself also without this kind of professional help :-) I think that the best solution is eating healthy + some kind of sport (or if you are not a "sporty" type of person, any kind of moving, walking, walking, walking...) + special exercises at home (for those parts of your body that changed a lot during your pregnancy, like stomach, legs..) + your determination and patience!
    I suggest you to avoid all types of diet that promise a big weight loss in one month or something like this... these things will not help you achieve what you want, they are not healthy and they have a famous "yo-yo" effect so after one month of starving you will maybe lose 5 kg, but those 5 kg will come back very fast... It's much better if you try to get rid of those kilos that you don't want slowly but surely... and forever! :-)

    Un abbraccio forte! :-)

    1. THANKS TATJANA!! This is really helpful.
      I have not put on weight since my boy was born. Without any exercise routine or special diet I've lost many kg. Just eating normally healthy and allowing myself for a little treat sometimes. I weighted 93kg 2 hours before the birth, and today I weight 71. So 22kg were lost like that. But now I seem to have achieved a moment I don't lose anything else just eating normally. So I guess I really need some professional help. I do not know how to follow a diet. I always eat normally and never exaggerate, I don't use fat, I don't cook fried, I don't drink alcohol, or sweet drinks, I only eat sweets for special occasions (Easter, Birthday cake, or things like that). I don't add sugar to my hot drinks (I hate) so I think now I'm stuck in a sense I haven't lost 1 gram in 2 months. I think is time to start exercise.
      I used to be a swimmer. I used to swim 3km 3 times per week. But since I live in Switzerland I became very allergic to mites in the swimming pool water, to the point I can't breathe. I had to be in hospital twice. In Argentina I swam in the river, but here is too freezing cold, and I can only swim in the lake 2 weeks per year!!!!!! So it's not easy for me to find another sport, but I will have to!
      Thanks again Tatjana, I appreciate your answer so very much!


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