Hello my lovelies! how are you doing today? It's time for some Eye makeup! I shall be honest with you, this Spring I'm absolutely obsessed with wine and plummy shades for the eyes. It's crazy but I'm in the search for the perfect wine shade that's enough red, but not too rust-y, and that's definitely not purple, but could be a little plum-ish. I have the perfect shade in my head, but for some reason the makeup brands Don't. Whatever. Today I'll share with you one of my recent findings and it's a Manhattan Cosmetics eyeshadow palette called "The girl with a rose" that's been recently released as part of a collection created in collabortation with the fashion designer Marcel Ostertag. You can find more info about the Marcel Ostertag Eyeshadow Collection here.

This palette has all pearly colours, so no mattes here. the shades look like this:

Please, see the swatches below in the same order the show above in the palette picture:

The eyeshadows quality is not great. The pigmentation is regular, the darkest shade is a little more pigmented than the rest. They are soft but nothing to be crazy about, they have fallout and they're not the easiest to apply. Well, they're not too bad, but nothing exceptional either. I paid 8.60 CHF for it, which is too expensive for what I got, but everything in Switzerland is more expensive than elsewhere, so I'm used to.

I want it to give it a try on the eyes, and I did this look:

Here is the list of products and tools I used:
- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion 
- Manhattan Marcel Ostertag eyeshadow collection in "The girl with a rose"
- CHANEL Stylo Yeux Waterproof  83 Cassis
- Benefit Bad Gal Plum eye colour intensifying mascara
- Sigma brushes E55 (Eye shading), E30 (Pencil brush), E40 (Tapered blending)
I applied the lighter colour on the center of the mobile lid and added the three darker shades next to the lash line and on the crease, blending it well. The more I blend it the more the colour tended to fade :( I put eyeliner and smudge it a lot, blending it with the eyeshadow towards the outer corner, because I didn't want a harsh line. So as you see the shades don't have much payoff and look like they won't last for long on the lid despite the use of primer. I've checked my eyes 4 hours later and the colour was surprisingly there with only little crease, so, I guess it was not THAT bad after all. But I have drugstore eyeshades that last the double and cost the half, so I'm not specially recommding this product. I still like the wine colours, and might try them wet, to see if it delivers some more pigment, though I don't have high expectations.

I guess my quest for the perfect wine eye shade is not finished yet.
Is there any makeup colour you're obsessed with and you can't seem to find? Do you happen to know a fantastic wine eye shade that you could recommend me? Looking forward to reading your comments!!