Jul 9, 2013

EOTD using Chanel Stylo eyeshadow in 37 Jade shore

Hi my lovelies! How are you doing? Today is Argentina's Independence day memorial, today we commemorate 197 years since the signing of the Independence Act to stop being a Spanish Colony. So this is a non working day in Argentina, but not in Switzerland! :( Well, I did not have time to do a theme manicure, but I'm doing some delicious Argentinian food, name "empanadas criollas", so that's something! After sharing this little of info with you, let's get into makeup!

This is an eye look made with a product I've recently purchased from Chanel, it's Stylo Eyeshadow #37 Jade Shore, from the Summer Collection 2013 L'été papillon. Let me tell you, this is a great product! It is a cream eyeshadow in a stick.
When you apply it has a lovely refreshing feeling and it's very easy to apply, it goes on beautifully in a way that looks opaque but depending on the light it looks sheer too, I guess that's great for layering over dark colours to give a little glam to a smokey eye. It's filled with gorgeous shimmer!  The colour is an aqua green, with blue, and looks grey-ish under some lightings, I can barely describe it.  It is very blendable on its own or with other colours, specially with the cream ones, but you have to be quick, because once it sets it'll not budge! It's really long lasting, and I love that. I like it so much that I went back to the store and bought one more colour (would have loved to buy them all! but they came a little pricey for my budget).

I took some pictures of it and swatched it on my arm for you to see all the reflections of this eyeshadow, and also because I don't think I could describe this colour with words, lol

So here is the EOTD:

For this very simple sparkling look I used:
- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Chanel Stylo eyeshadow #37 Jade Shore
- Dior 5 colour eyeshadow palette Blue Lagoon two bottom shades (teal in the outer corner and light green in the inner corner
- Sephora eye pencil bright green
- Nyx Doll eye Mascara Volume

This look took me so little time, and I think the final result is sparkly-werable! Check my whole face:

Of course you can pair this with infinite alternative for making an ultra-sophisticated makeup. It's a product with many possibilities.
Let me know what are your thoughts about it! Have you liked today's eye look? Have you spotted Chanel stylo eyeshadow? What do you think about it yay! or meh...
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  1. Beautiful colour! Looks great on you! :-) Happy Argentina's Independence day! :-)

  2. Anonymous9/7/13 19:52

    I think this shade looks fantastic with your eye color! It really brings them out.

    1. Thank you Melissa, your comment means a lot to me!

  3. It looks fantastic on you Nati! Happy Independence Day to you! Baci! xx

    1. Grazie cara, you're always so sweet! Baci, xx

  4. Luce bárbaro con tu color de ojos y color de piel.

  5. Salut Nati - happy Independence Day (belated)!!! You look beautiful - I love that portrait of yours :-)! And this product? Oh my you tempt me badly here - it is so exactly down my alley! I use a Bobbie Brown eyeshadow that has a foundation quality to it (not a very good one though, it does not save me from powdering my eyelids first). So I gather you would recommend this product for me as well? I am truly convinced by your Review - great post, great photos my dear - have a wonderful day - Bisous xxx

    1. Thank you Christine! You make me blush :P
      I'm glad you appreciate the review.
      Oh,I didn't mean to tempt you, well may be just a little :) I think you'd do great with a product like this, you don't need any tool or brush to apply it, directly from the stick and then you tap with your finger to blend, and it's done! If you ask me, I think Chanel should make a permanent range of these instead of just one shot.
      Bisous, xx


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