NOTD: Born pretty store 3D Flower stickers

Today I have some Born pretty store 3D nail stickers, item ID 6229 that I've received from them for my honest review, and it's been a while I should have posted this, but you know how busy I've been lately, so my apologies.

I like stickers option for nail decoration for several reasons: they're foolproof, you I can't get them "wrong", they are the fastest nail art I know, they can revamp a mani in seconds making it look totally renewed, or even hide some chipping before going out in a rush looking flawless.
The stickers sheet BPS sent me came in a paper envelope which was quite shabby and crushed by the postal service, lol, but luckily that has not damage the stickers, though the sheet does not look very attractive!

So here's a handy way to decorate your nails in no time! The stickers are pale pink with gold and they have a relief to the touch so that should be the "3D" part, but I don't really see the point to call it 3D. Anyway, the stickers are pretty good quality! you know I've shown different drugstore nail stickers before, but these are a better quality. These are auto-adhesive stickers and not water decals as it is marked in their site. 
The stickers sheet includes 12 different sets of floral motives, so you could do 12 manicures with one sheet. I'd like to show you all the kind of flowers because sometime you may like to do a particular flower manicure. I'm really bad at recognizing flower shapes! So I won't describe them here, I feel a little embarrassed because I know the lovely Jezzica will be reading and she's a flower expert!

Those were 11 sets including, pansies, china roses, gerbera daisies, lilies, camellias, anemones, petunias, among other flowers. The missing set is the one I used, I do not know why I forgot to photograph it before using it! But anyway you can see it on the nails. These are 5 petals star shaped flowers, I'm not sure what flowers they are, but I like to think they're jasmines, just because I love jasmines, lol.

My manicure was very simple, I used basecoat, two coats of Essie Dj play that song, wait for it to dry, then placed the stickers to nail polish effortless and then I sealed the manicure with 2 coats of topcoat and they lasted until I was tired and wanted a change! (I guess that was 6 days).
The 3D nail stickers retail for 4.73 USD at BornPretty Store. Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (everything in the store) by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

I hope you've liked this review. Don't hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!

*One or more items of this article were sent to me for my honest unbiased review.


  1. I love it, looks really lovely :)

  2. These are really pretty stickers!

  3. Anonymous11/7/13 21:09

    Now THIS is a nail art I could do, hehe :-) Looks pretty.

  4. If I have to tell the truth, I don't like nail stickers so much, I don't use them at all, maybe because I'm crazy for drawing free hand on my nails :-) But, these stickers that you used for your manicure are really beautiful, fanno davvero una bella figura! :-)
    P.S. Natalia, you know, often I have the same thought, when I publish some flower manicure (and all my flower manicures have very "boring" names like "White flowers on green" or "Blue flowers on white" or something similar...) I think about Jezzica and I know that she will "recognize" the flower and write something like this in her comment "These daffodils are beautiful" or something even better (in latin) "This Helianthus annuus is perfect" :-) and I adore her comments also for that fact! :-)
    I have to admit that I don't have many flowers in my home, I have some green plants like dieffenbachia and some cactuses ; my best flowers are those on my nails! :-)

  5. Ciao Nati! What a beautiful mani! Purple, white and gold look so good together! I have done both stickers and freehand flowers and I think both can be beautiful!
    OMG! I must have made such an impact on you with my flower talk! Lol! I now see myself like the evil flower comment queen! Lol! ;) I just write comments saying what I instantly think of when I see a manicure and for this lovely mani I instantly thought of white lilies! My god child is actually called Lilly - isn't that a cute coincidence? :D These types of five petal flowers could be many flowers! It could be Jasmine like you said! It could also be Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis ;)) or a Clematis :) Anyway, I love your Jasmine manicure ;) It's super pretty!! Baci cara!! xxx

    1. Cara Jezzica, you have only made a beautiful impact on me with flowers! You're NOT AT ALL the flower comment queen, and you're not evil for gosh sake! everyone appreciates a lot your insights about flowers because most of us are very ignorant in that domain and there is so much beautiful things to learn from you!

    2. Oh! and Lilly is such a sweet name!

  6. Beautiful Mani. The colors of the flower and the purple polish works amazing together.

  7. quedó muy bonito da la impresión de tener un motivo de Geisja, ¿Qué tanto dura para que te llegue algo de Bornpretty? Pues pedí algo muy chiquito y ya lleva 9 semanas y nada.

    1. Hola Andrea! Me alegra que te haya gustado. A mi me han tardado hasta 4 semanas en llegar las cosas, así que 9 semanas me parece mucho! Creo que deberías contactar al Customer service que ellos tienen para reclamar. En seguida te responderán si pasó algo con el envío. Debes pedir que te reemplazen el artículo o que te devuelvan el dinero.

    2. Les he enviado correos en diferentes oportunidades , me han contestado, eso fue cuando ya tenia 5 semanas de retraso ahora ni se molestan en contestarme. Lo único que pedí fue un plate nada mas. Pues supuesta mente podría durar 20 días , pero ya ha sido mucho.

  8. This was beautiful, loved the base color you choose to combine with the stickers!:P Stickers can be really awesome, truly the fastest nail art ever! :P

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