Summer favourites: St.Tropez Gradual tan firming 4 in 1

Hi lovelies! How is your weekend going so far? Mine is just great, putting all together to prepare our Holidays! Yay, can't wait!
So, today post will be quick as a lightening, just to let you know I have discovered a very good prouct I'm in love with. It's St. Tropez Gradual tan firming 4 in 1. I got this in full size as a complimentary gift for my purchase on the site (where I bought Dior Nude tan BB cream, another absolute hit I'll show you soon). At first I thought "what will I do with this?", let me tell you I'm so glad I tried it. It's the first time I use self-tan product (I have used once fake tan but is not the same). This is a cream that you apply all over the body, everyday after shower (and eventually after scrubbing or exfoliating) with circular motions and it does nothing right away. But after few hours the magic begins! My skin looks glowing, it's mosturized and looks like I've spent some healthy time outdoors (which I haven't), and it IS A LOT FIRMER. So yay! for that, finally a thing that does what it claims.
I think I'm going to adopt this every summer and start using it a little before every summer holidays to have my skin ready. In fact, this product has an amazing esteem-booster effect! 
That was that for today. What do you think about this? Have you ever needed self-tan or fake tan? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Love you!


  1. Ciao Nati! This sounds too good to be true...!! :D
    I have tried something similar from Dove but I thought the color got too yellow and I that it was a little sticky and too fragranced. Have you experienced these problems with this product? Baci! xx

    1. Ciao Jezzica!
      the tan with this is not strong, it is light, not yellow, or brown or orange, just my skin a little healthier looking.
      It does not feel sticky at all! It feels like a very pleasant mosturizer, you need to give it 5-10 minutes to sink in the skin, and then you don't feel it at all.
      It does have a fragrance, noticeable when you apply it, but it fades quite quickly I'd say.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! bacioni, xx

  2. St tropez suena como una buena opción, para un bronceado gradual, no se del precio pero aparentemente no hacen pruebas en animales que es para mi algo muy importante. Casualmente buscamos hoy un tubo de Ocean potion tanning lotion Que también parece ser bueno.Uso el rociador en la cara, pero cuando sepa mas de la loción te aviso. Ocean potion no hace pruebas en animales.

  3. Cool that you've found a product you like. Self-tan's looking bad is horrible.

  4. Anonymous14/7/13 19:44

    Sounds good! I personally really like Clarin's Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning milk. And oooh, prepping for a holiday is almost as fun as the holiday itself hehe :-) Well, it's at least part of the fun. Have a lovely Sunday!


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