Jul 18, 2013

The tri-polish challenge day 18: Abstract brush strokes

Hello again! I'm back with the second Tri-Polish manicure of this month. Today I have an attempt to a gorgeous nailart technique called "abstract brush strokes". I took inspiration from Gorgeois blog, who I think is the creator of this technique. She explains it very well in her video tutorial.

My version is not as pretty as the original and I believe the reason is I can only use three polishes, while the original uses 6 colours.  Also the colours, two blues one green, are mostly blended and you can't see the strokes, while the original uses opposite colours, to make them pop.

For my version I used : my three mandatory colours (click here to see) and also OPI haven't the foggiest from the upcoming San Francisco Collection for fall, and China Glaze Liquid Leather, silver and black are allowed.

What do you think about it? was it worthy trying or I should definitely do it using more colours?
Let me know your opinion in the comments and don't forget to check out what the other participants have done!


  1. I think it's very pretty, love how the colors look together.

  2. This looked cool. It reminded me some about peacock feathers! :) I'd love to see it with opposite colors too :D

  3. Sabes,el diseño se parece al de las plumas verde/azul de nuestro Gallo él es marrón pero tiene una plumas verde/azul en la colita. Sus plumas son muy brillantes y sanitas.
    Joe ,es un gallito que se nos metió en el jardín un día lo empezamos a alimentar y a darle de beber y de ahí se convirtió en nuestra mascota. Es escandaloso,curioso,goloso y gracioso. :)

    Te quedó bonito :)

  4. Anonymous18/7/13 15:53

    I like it a lot! I love how all the colors blend in so well. I am sure it would look good with even more color too, but I like it how it is!

  5. I love it!!!! <3 It looks gorgeous and classy!! I must try this technique!
    I think you are so diligent who are doing two challenges at the same time!! Bacioni!! xx

  6. Oh Nati, this mani rocks!!! Awesome - I have to watch that video and see if I get my clumsy fingers to get it onto my nails too. And I am with Jezz you are incredible - participating in two challenges at the same time - I feel so honored!!! - Bisous xxx

  7. Anonymous19/7/13 04:21

    This is pretty! :)


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