Hello there! How are you ?
Today is another "double challenge" day, Vintage Challenge schedule says GLITTAH!!!! lol
I have an "epic" glitter aka OPI Mad as a hatter. This nail polish came out in a limited edition in January 2010 as part of the Alice in Wonderland Collection. I got the mini set as soon as I could spot it, for once containing all the colours of the collection. Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice were my first two glitters, so that's why I called them "epic".

Mad as a hatter is a multicolour fine round glitter that gives full coverage in three coats. It is beyond sparkly! It needs only one coat of seche vite to feel totally smooth. In the pictures I'm wearing it over a grey nail polish that you cannot see, because the glitter covered it completely. I took pictures with and without topcoat, because now that texture polishes are in, I thought it could be interesting to show you a little "grittiness", lol.

I love this polish, but I have to admit I wouldn't wear it for everyday life. Not only because I only own the mini version and that would feel like a waste, but also because it is so sparkly that it NEEDS some "glam" situation to be shown off.
What do you think of this gem? Do you own Mad as a Hatter? What are your vintage glitters?
Don't forget to check on the lovely ladies of this challenge!

PS. tomorrow Challenge is "Vintage holo" and as I don't own any, I will not post. But stay tuned because later today I'll post the Tri-polish Challenge!