Hello my lovelies! How is your weekend going so far? I'm preparing the last things for our vacation. We're leaving tonight for the sunny Italy!! wiiiiiiiiiii! Ciao bella vita, waking up with the yummy smell of Italian coffee, walking by the Mediterranean sea eating home made ice cream! Quanto mi sei mancata bella Italia! It's been two years since we've been there. We will stay in my father in law's house, and we'll get the chance to visit all the relatives there, eating delicious food and freshly fished seafood, doing some shopping, and of course having fun at the beach with our baby! First time for him to see the sea! 

But enough of daydreaming, is now time for The Vintage Challenge! And today it's the turn of the "Golden oldie". I supposed that means one "All time favourite", but I'm afraid I've already shown you those elsewhere. Instead I have a really rare nail polish to share with you. This is Dior Vernis 555 Euphoric pink, which I bought in December 2005 and I have no idea of when it was released, but it's obviously no more available.

This has not only been discontinued, but it also makes part of the "old" version of the Dior bottles, when the brush and the cap were still one piece. Also the bottle is rounded instead of squared, the cap is golden, nowadays it's silver, and it contains 14.5 ml against 10ml nowadays. The box is also different, not only bigger, of course, but it has such a nice "vintage" appearance I have to include a comparison picture.

So, I'd say this is the most Vintage piece of my collection and definitely needed a special place in this challenge, don't you think?
Do you own any really old nail polish that can show how a brand has evolved?
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