Hello my dears! How was your weekend?
I have some great heart shaped 3D nail decoration given to me for my honest review by KKCenterHK. I've chosen this because I thought they'd look good on a rainbow manicure as an accent, and I don't regret.

These pretties come on a pair in a little plastic bag like this:

They're about 1 cm wide, and are flat, so when you place them on the nail there will obviously be some free edges, but I think that's the point when you choose to wear a decoration like this one.
For this mani I first did a gradient sponging directly on my base coat the following colours: Luana cosmetics Red Sorbet, Essence my yellow fellow, H&M U Must have this, Revlon Grape Icy, on all my finger nails except on the ring fingers where I used two coats of Revlon Grape Icy. I used a top coat and  then fixed the heart shaped decoration on my ring fingernails with a drop of topcoat.

I'm getting more and more confident with gradients, so I'd say the mani was pretty easy and quick. What takes longer while doing gradients is all the clean up! But I purposely chose colours that do not stain so cleaning the cuticles was not so hard.

The decorations held well but I only wore them for a day. I carefully took them off and saved them for using them again in the future. But I kept the rainbow mani on! Taking it off without ruining the design on the decoration is not easy. If you use acetone, the design will completely come of, since it's not acetone-proof. Whilst if you try to peel it off, then you risk that part of the design may remain attached to your nail polish. So these are more a one-time-only decoration.

If you'd like to purchase these decorations, or anything else, from KKCenterHK remember you get 10% discount by entering polished-polyglot at the check out.

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I wish you a wonderful start to your week tomorrow.