Hi lovelies! The countdown to Fall is on, but I wanted to enjoy the last days of Summer, and share with you a NYX mini haul I got ages ago! I bought these Items at the beginning of May during the -40% NYX at so it was a total steal. I got a NYX cream blush in hot Pink, NYX Gel eyeliner in black, NYX Xtream lip cream in Buttery nude, a Concealer Jar in Beige and the star of the bunch the NYX Matte Bronzer. I can't begin to tell you how I love this Bronzer. It's so nice prolonging the feeling of a tanned skin a bit longer!

NYX Bronzer comes in 5 shades from Light to Deep tan, I got the 03 Medium shade which suits my skin tone now that I'm suntanned. 

Unlike other affordable bronzers out there, this one has enough beige to make my look natural, but still mainly contains golden pigments not to make me look ashy. So I'm very pleased with it colour wise. I haven't tried any lighter shade from this brand, but I wouldn't recommend it for very pale skin because of the gold tones in it.

Application is easy, since it is not overly pigmented and very easy to blend, it's kind of fool proof (hello me! that's why I like it!) So you don't have to fear some undesire bronzer stripe in the middle of your cheek that you can't control.

On the downside, it's not the most longlasting, so I definitely have to freshen it up once or twice per day, specially with hot weather (which we are not longer having). But for the price (5.40 USD on sale) I can deal with reapplying once or twice.
I know some girls don't find Bronzer indispensable (take my sister as e.g.), and maybe have never tried one and are afraid not being sure how to use it. For instance I use bronzer in three different ways:

- for a light all over the face powdering, specially during season transitions, and my regular foundation starts looking too pale against the rest of my body but I don't feel like I want to spend on a full bottle of darker foundation for one month of the year that I'm tanned... Specially in Switzerland... you Swiss guys will understand.

- Instead of blusher, to give some natural colour to specific areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit (forhead, cheekbones, superior arch of the browbones, chin, chest, etc)

- as a light contour powder when my tan starts to fade, to sculpt the face a little.

There are many options to use your Bronzer, and if you're willing to test I guess this is a good option for you so if it does not work you don't feel like you wasted too much money on it.
I hope this review has been useful for you and don't hesitate to leave your thoughts on the comments!!
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