Hi my lovelies! Happy Friday 13th! You aren't superstitious, are you? I think those things are just nonsense. Any nice plans for the Weekend? My hubby came back today from his trip to the US and we're so happy to have him back home, we're planning some wonderful family time this weekend. Plus, he brought me some wonderful presents from a brand starting with "Cha" and ending by "nel", so I'll surely have some makeup fun aswell! LOL

But that is not what today's post is about. Today post is about my first and dearest blogger friend, my lovely Christine from Polished Marvels. Yesterday, I had the most pleasant surprise when I opened my mailbox and saw a package with a "Polish marvel" inside! A bottle of Colours by Llarowe Dirty Diana, that's on my nails right now.What I'm showing to you today occupies a special place in my collection and in my heart. Just put these words together and you'll see what I mean: My first indie, Purple, Holo, beauty, friendship!!!!!!!!

What's not to love about it? Oh... plus did I mention that "Dirty Diana" refers to a Michael Jackson song from his album "Bad". I was an active fan of Michael during my teens and I went to his first (and only) concert in Argentina when I was only 13!! I started crying for the tickets 1 year earlier when the rumors had it, and the day of the concert all my family travelled 400km just to take me there, I of course went with my mom, and had the fun of my life!!!!!!!!!!!! this polish brings so many beautiful memories to me!

This baby was a pleasure to apply, its formula is a dream to work with for a holo, like a cream polish a tiny bit on the thick side but that applies evenly. The brush is great, it spreads nicely and makes the application flawless. It was opaque and perfect in one coat but I did two because I'm planning to make it last all the weekend, haha. The first two pictures are taken without topcoat, but eventually I added a coat of Poshé topcoat to make it last longer and it has not diminish at all the holo effect. This morning the sun was coming on and going off, so some pictures are on the shade, but this polish is beautiful under every kind of lighting. I can't stop staring at my nails!

Thank you Christine, thank you so much, you have the best taste ever! Look at me I'm playing major polish leagues now, lol. Merci ma biche!
Sorry for the overload of exclamation marks, I'm so excited I can't help it, haha.
Love you all,