Sep 11, 2013

My current everyday makeup routine September 2013

Hello my darlings! How are you doing? We're having such an awful weather here in Switzerland, so definitely the Summer is gone. But I'm still kipping my tan quite fresh, because we did have some really sunny days the past weeks and I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what I use for everyday makeup these days. Just for the sake of sharing and also kind of keeping "the records"  of what I use I thought to start writing makeup routine's posts.

I already share with you my "empties", where I give details of products I've used long enough to finish them and give my judgement on them. But I rarely talk of makeup there, because to be honest, I almost never finish a makeup items, because I own so much makeup and I'm always rotating it. I keep all my palettes, eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglosses, blushes, highlighters bronzers and foundations, etc., etc in three drawers of my IKEA Alex that is in my office room. In the bathroom (where I usually do my makeup) I have a makeup bag with only the few items I'm currently using. Because if not I would be nuts every morning trying to decide what to wear!!
So this is the routine step by step:

1.Preparation: I'm currently not using any primer on a daily basis! only Urban decay Eyeshadow primer if I'm wearing eyeshadow. I do use Clarins Beauty flash balm when I do a special makeup because it lightens up my complexion.
2. Concealer:
I use YSL multiaction concealer N°2 for the undereye area, and NYX Concealer Jar #04 Beige for blemishes and imperfections.
3. Foundation:
Then I apply my beloved Dior Nude Tan BB creme in 001. I love this stuff! It's so easy to apply, and gives the skin the instant radiant healthy tan look.
4. Cheeks: 
Using Dior blush cheek creme in Pareo I add a pop of colour to my cheeks, the bridge of the nose and the temples of my forhead. It makes me look like I've been outdoors! I love this look for everyday makeup.

5. Powder, highlighter and bronzer:
Once I've applied all of the above I put Benefit Hello Flawless with a large powder brush in the center of my face and to set the undereye area. I'm not currently using any hihglighter on a daily basis, but if I'm going out at night (which is rare) I'd skip the Dior creme blush and go for NYX matte bronzer and either of the blushes in the Catrice Shanghai palette.
6. Brows:
I'm currently using Amuse Ultra fine eyeliner in dark brown, and I think I'm going to use it up to the very last bit. I love it.
7. Eyes:
I'm not applying eyeshadow daily. But I do apply mascara, I'm currently using my beloved NYX Doll eye mascara Volume which is fantastic.
I find that my current look is more about cheeks and lips than anything else. If I'm going out or want to put a little colour on my lids I use what's currently on my bathroom sink is Catrice the Shanghai Collection, which is a neutral palette  but has some really sultry gold, copper, and a gorgeous dark brown! I love the blushes.
I'm not using either any eyeliner daily at the moment, except if I'm doing a smokey eye of course.
8. Lips: 
 On a daily basis I'd go for clear lipbalm, whichever I have in hand. For going out I would apply either Chanel Rouge Allure LaFavorite, when I'm not wearing eyeshadow, or NYX Mega shine lipgloss 159 Smokey Look if I'm wearing a strong eyelook.

And this is what I'm wearing today: The base + cream blush, benefit powder, filled in eyebrows, no lip colour or eyeshadows just mascara.

 So, what are the makeup items you use on a daily basis at the moment? which are your favourites?
Don't be shy and leave me a comment! I'm off to blow dry my hair, lol!
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  1. I use Bare Minerals foundation, eyeshadow, liner and mascara :) That's my everyday simple look! I usually go for a brown smokey look on my eyes and my new eyeshadow brush from mac makes it look perfect every single time! I'm so in awe of it, defenitely worth every penny ;)

    1. Hi Lisa, I've heard so many positive things about Bare Minerals, but I'm afraid of powder foundation because I have some dry patches :(
      Oh, and I'd love to try a MAC brush once :)

  2. I just got back from Barcelona yesterday evening and the weather is indeed terrible. Very nice choices :)

    1. Hi Smugnificent! I hope you had a wonderful time in Barcelona (well, what I'm saying, of couorse you had!)

  3. what a great natural maeup you're glowing!

    1. Thank you Danisha, how sweet of you :)

  4. Hi Natalia!
    Great post!
    I also have the Catrice Palette, love their eyeshadows.
    Do you know if the if the NXY Bronzer has the same color as the NYX Blush TAUPE?!

    1. Hi Glow! I'm glad you liked it. I'm afraid I don't own the Nyx Blush taupe, so I cannot answer :(
      Take care! xx

  5. Anonymous12/9/13 16:34

    You really have a great routine, Nati, and you use nice products! Thanks for showing us :-)

  6. Great products.. Nice and perfect routine.. Do visit my blog..

  7. I really liked this post, it's fun to see the daily make up kit!
    Since it has been summer I've used very little make up, but when autumn and winter comes I usually want to hide my paleness..haha :D

    1. haha, Gelic, you're a lucky girl if you can go without makeup! I really have some serious discolourations. and if I tan a lot it gets worse so I really need foundation and concealer, though I've chosen a BBcream which is much lighter on the skin :)


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