Hello my lovelies! How are you doing? Starting the blogging week on a Tuesday to share with you a mani I've achieved using some roses water decals given to me for my honest review by KKCenterHK.
This is my first time using water decals, and I was a little afraid of messing it up, but it was quite simple!! In fact I should say much more simple than stickers.

(I apologize if you can see some tip wear on my nails, I've done my nails late last Friday night, and thought I'd taken the pictures first thing in the Saturday morning. But then life decided otherwise and by the time I took the photos there was already some tip wear).

But I digress, let's get into decals. These are small images and not whole nail decals, so for me they're easier to work with. The sheet has 20 images, so it's good for two manicures (if you like to place one rose in each nail).

It was very easy to use. First I painted my nails using two coats of Essence that's what I mint and one coat of Essence BTGN top seealer and let it dry well. Then I cut the images I was going to use and placed them in a cup of water. After 5 minutes I noticed the decals were sliding from the paper and I could place them on the nails, and it was easy since I could glide them on the nail and decide where I wanted them which you can't do with normal stickers. Then I took a cotton pad and pressed on the image to absorb the remaining water. When I thought it was totally dry I added a top coat, and that was it!

What I love about water decals is that the final look is so neat, you can barely notice they're there, unlike adhesive stickers where you can see the edges and sometimes you can also feel them.
All in all I'm very happy with this mani (despite the tip wear) and for sure this will not be the last time I'll use water decals!
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