I meant to try Burberry makeup for a while and finally fell for the colour of this lipstick, I find it breathtaking on the bullet (the packaging is out of this world too), but is it so on the lips?

The description the brand gives of Burberry Kisses is exactly what I was looking for: 
 "Discover Burberry Kisses, the effortlessly buildable lip colour, designed to give multiple lip looks with just one shade. The weightless formula delivers a customisable make-up result – a single kiss of colour gives understated luminosity, two or three kisses give intense depth and vibrancy. A rich blend of satin-finish pigments and shiny polymers gives luminous colour brilliance. Enriched with our signature blend of tea, lavender and rosehip, the whisper-light texture glides on with supreme comfort and gives six hours of continuous hydration."
It sounds like a great versatile hydrating and long lasting lip product. 
In my experience Burberry Kisses it is a satin-y finish lipstick with a fine medium pigmentation, the colour can be built up, but not to the intensity in the bullet. However, it is true that I could wear it very lightly or a bit more intensely (which is true for most pigmented lipsticks).

The formula certainly is light on the lips and although I do not feel any moisturizing or hydrating effect the lipstick does not dry out my lips (which is already a good thing on my super dry lips).
It doesn't bleed into fine lines, it stays put quite nicely for 3 or 4 hours and it wears off gracefully leaving am homogeneous stain on the lips, which I appreciate.

I do think this lipstick is overpriced. I would expect more intensity in the pigment (so that I could build to the actual colour in the bullet) and a more hydrating effect (because they claim so and I do need it). 

Other than that, I am in love with the shade! I find it so flattering, a point between pink and coral that is super wearable. And the packaging... oh my, I might like this one even better than my beloved Chanel Rouge Allure. So chic it makes me week on the knees.

This is how the colour looks on my lips:

(please forgive the looks of my undereye concealer, *I think I must have forgotten to blend that out, oops* by the time I noticed it baby girl was crying and shouting and my photo shooting ended quite abruptly).

Such a lovely colour! I see myself reaching for this lipstick quite often this summer, but I don't feel like further exploring the colours in this range. Honestly the formula it didn't wow me.

Have you tried Burberry Kisses or any other makeup from the brand? Let me know your thoughts!