Le Petit Marseillais Sève d'Aloe Vera: New hypoallergenic line

I'm allergic to so many things that I have to be super careful when I try new products, that's why hypoallergenic products are always welcome. When I found out Le Petit Marseillais  had a new hypoallergenic line I simply had to try it. 

 The new line includes a shower cream a shower gel and a body milk. It seduced me the fact the main ingredient in this range is Aloe Vera, which I love for its soothing properties, and the fact that despite being hypoallergenic the products smell divinely and that it can be used by children too.

The Shower creme Sève d'aloe Vera et fleurs d'amandier is aimed to sensitive and dry skin (someone called my name?) and has nourrishing and soothing properties, thanks to the main ingredients: aloe vera and almond blossom. It a has a sweet and delicate smell of almond and it feels silky on the skin when applied. It foams easily so a little goes a long way! After the shower the skin feels comfortable and not dry at all. This is my personal favorite.
The bottle contains 400ml and retails for 6.80 CHF.

The shower gel Sève d'Aloe Vera & Fleur de Pommier is aimed to sensitive and fragile skin, and has hydrating and calming effect, also thanks to aloe vera and apple blossom. The gel has a fresh fruity smell that is perfect for summer in my opinion. It also makes foam easily with very little product and leaves the skin smelling delicious.
The bottle contains 400ml and retails for 6.80 CHF.

The Body milk Sève d'Aloe Vera & Calendula is specially conceived for sensitive and very dry skin (again, that sounds familiar) repairing and calming the skin thanks to (again) aloe vera and Calendula in the formula. It has a denser consistency than a lotion but not as thick as a cream, it feels light and it sinks quite quickly leaving the skin silky, hydrated and delicately perfumed with a light scent of calendula. It is, in my opinion, perfect for summer because it moisturizes without leaving the skin oily or sticky. 
The bottle contains 250ml and retails for 6.90 CHF.

I confess I've kept the body milk only for me, hehe, but I have shared the shower products (like a good girl) with all the family and they are also very happy. The  Sève d'aloe Vera et fleurs d'amandier shower creme is everybody's favorite so I will for sure repurchase it.

Have you tried this new line from Le Petit Marseillais? Do you use hypoallergenic products? Do you prefer those for your children? Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I know this brand, but until now I never tried anything from it. The shower cream sounds fantastic would be perfect for my dry skin. I am going to look up for it!

  2. I've never used this brand, I love fresh fruity scents so the shower cream sound perfect! :-)

  3. I don't know this brand. My son uses a Polish eco brand called Sylveco or a German eco Lavera.

  4. I have never used these products but they look very interesting :)

  5. I have never used these products but they look very interesting :)

  6. I don't know these products. I've got many food allergies and have to be REALLY careful what I eat or can be really ill for days. But I've not got any external allergies and can use what I want on my skin. Lol I just can't eat what I want :-|

  7. Yup I have too then I will have allergies too. I use cruelty free + hypoallergenic. Love the whole french names.

    sounds so chick and Classy. Saludos chica.


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