Happy Friday Sweeties! We had a couple of cooler (less hot) days which allowed me to wear nail polish again (without bubbles I mean). So I have been preparing some nice nail art for the upcoming week... but more on that later. Today I have a manicure I've done last Spring to share with you!
 This is a skittle I did using Zoya nail polishes from the Delight collection. I tried to recreate this manicure I found on Pinterest here, but of course it is not identical. I thought it was a super cute colorful  idea for Spring (and Summer). 

So as you see this one is super easy, I just used different shades for each nail, waited for it to dry and added a gold French tip (I think I used Maybelline Strong forever Winner takes it all, but I can't remember for sure). I did freehanded the tips, and they didn't came out perfectly, But I have plenty of nail guides now, so next time it'll be neater! 

How do you like the skittle look? yay or nay? I personally love it because it's playful and cheerful, but I admit that it is not appropriate for every occasion. Would you wear nails like these?

Have a wonderful weekend!