Jul 13, 2015

OPI Venice Collection Baroque… but still Shopping!

No doubt the OPI Venice collection with a majority of creme polishes needed a touch of glamour that only a gold glitter polish can give. Mind you, no chuncky glitter bombs here, chicness and sophistication are the words of order for Baroque.. but still Shopping!

This is a gorgeous pale gold with a metallic finish filled with square and round gold glitter, that allows you with the most sophisticated way to wear gold glitter.

The formula on this one is on the thick side but very good, perfectly opaque in one coat, although I did too for the sake of close-ups. The brush spreads nicely distributing the glitter effortlessly all over the nail. Exactly as you see in the picture. As every metallic polish you should expect to see brush strokes, this is almost inevitable as we know, but in this case I'd say strokes are not terribly noticeable, although they're clearly there in the sun. Two coats dry fairly fast, as many metallic polishes, but it is a nice thing when you are in a hurry.

I also tried a nail art design without adding much, just two stripes of negative space (without nail polish) and some golden beads from What the flock.  I like the contrast between the pale and the yellow gold, I think it looks quite "Baroque"! 
The three first pictures show two coats without topcoat and the last picture shows two coats with topcoat (to secure the beads ;)

I wore this manicure for three days without a single scratch or chip, as most glitters it is difficult to remove but I always use the "foil method" in those cases and the glitter wiped off like butter.

Undoubtedly Baroque.. but still shopping is a unique polish, I cannot think of a dupe in any brand I know! Not even indies. So collectionist, if you are thinking to add this rare pearl to your stash, hurry up because this is one of the three limited edition shades of the Venice collection!

Remember the collection will be available in Switzerland from 15th August at a RRP of 19.90 CHF on your nearest OPI retailer.

What do you think of this pale gold? do you picture yourself wearing this chic glitter? Don't be shy and let me know your thoughts!


  1. This nail polish reminds me of mermaid's scales somehow. Or fish ;)

  2. I am not a big fan of metallic finish but this way with glitter it looks quite interesting!

  3. At first I thought you were wearing a glitter topper over gold, then realized it's all one polish! Interesting combination and it looks nice on you. But I am neither a fan of metallic nor of gold polish, so I'll probably pass on this one :)

  4. Che smalto interessante! :)

  5. It becomes a bit special with the glitter in it. i like it. :-)

  6. I love Gold shade but the shade doesn't love me the same way. Gold somehow look really terrible with my skin tone. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Es precioso el tono y tu manicura muy delicada. Es fácil de retirar el esmalte???. Besos preciosa.

  8. I do like the look of this one :-D

  9. Es tan extraño y bello <3


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