Since I live in Switzerland I have never experience a heat like this. If you, like me, were born in a country with long, humid and torrid Summers, then you know perfectly 36°C is not the worse that can happen, but Switzerland is not prepared for this kind of temperatures. The city, the houses, the shops, the transport means, all are a trap for heat! perfectly designed to maintain the warmth and save heating energy during the long Winters, but not at all suitable for hot summers.
In this kind of situation, I try to manage in order to avoid my makeup sliding off of my face, without having to buy special products. If you keep reading you'll find out how I do it.

By hot weather I avoid layering several products. I am using  Coola Classic Face SPF30 Cucumber and that's all. I know you may think priming is indispensable with this horrible heat, may be you are right, but in my case the more products I layer the worse my make up ends up looking, (because my face sweats a lot, clearly). I'm Using Milani eyeshadow primer to ensure a longer wear to my eyeshades.

Concealer: I rather skip this step. Anyway, I'll be blotting the sweat off my face so frequently that concealer will end up disappearing or (worse) in ugly patches!  I would go for a bit of NYX HD Photogenic concealer CW04 Beige which resists the heat better than my  Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream. After all, my undereye area is like the only place where I don't sweat, LOL!

Foundation: I avoid rich formulas or heavy coverage. I suppose I should go with a waterproof formula if I wanted to look flawless but as I'm sure I wouldn't use up one of those, I prefer to use  Dior Skin nude Air Serum foundation which is lightweight, nicely pigmented and on me it has prooved to last well by hot weather.

Powder and highlighter : There is no use in powdering my whole face. I only apply the slightest amount of NYX HD Studio photogenic Finishing powder  to set my undereye concealer and that's it!

I think cream products look far more natural on a hot day than any powder will ever be. I usually rotate several cream blushes but right now I prefer Dior blush cheek creme in Pareo which is a lovely hotpink with a satinyn finish and super longlasting.

I'm still using the endless NYX eybrow cake powder but I only add the smallest amount, to create a subtle shade because this is not waterproof!

Ok, my eyes don't sweat either (LOL), I'm using a neutral shade from the NYX Butt Naked eyes palette as a wash of color on the lids and give a nice accent with Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof in  #57 True blue. For the lashes, the duo Estée Lauder Little Black primer + Diorshow new mascara are performing flawlessly.

Lips :
I'm showing some love to my Clinique Chubby sticks this one is in "pudgy peony".

Last but not least,
I confess I skip the setting spray on a daily basis, but with the hot weather this is a must. The Urban decay Chill setting makeup spray is not only wonderful at giving your makeup a little longer wear but also a nice and cooling effect to your face. Thumbs up!

And this is how my makeup looks:

My concern this month has been allowing my makeup to survive this hot weather, and so far so good! How do you prevent your makeup sliding off of yuor face when is insanely hot? Do you makeup at all? Do you use waterproof formulas? Please, don't hesitate to leave a comment!