As I have announced on IG and Facebook I have joined this fun nail art/ nailpolish challenge called "The neverending story" that aims to put your untried nailpolish to work! There is a weekly prompt and an inlinkz collection to visit all the participants. This has just started so you can joined us if you wish! The first prompt is "Glitter and pastel and this is what I came up with.

My very first Elevation polish was sitting in the pile "untrieds" so this was a great opportunity to finally wear it! This is Elevation Mont Ventoux, a gorgeous pastel yellow, not too pale for a pastel that is why I like it. Its formula is on the thick side (maybe because it's an oldie?) but still manageable, and it was opaque in one coat although a little streaky, so I did two coats to even that out.

Next I added another little one  that was forgotten, this is from a local brand called Underline, that makes great 3Bfree polishes. It is a matte glitter from the "Mosaico" collection, this one is #09 and it combines black, peach, lime green and aqua blue matte and satin glitter, really unique!

My manicure consists in layering the glitter over the yellow base concentrating on the tips, so it's really a no brainer! I used three coats of glitter and one coat of topcoat to even everything out.

What do you think of this mani? Is it too much? I find it quite busy but itcould work for certain occasions, like carnival or a costume party. Would you wear these nails? Don't be shy and leave me a comment!

Also do not forget to check what the other participants have done today :)