Wjcon mousse eyeshadow and purple gel liner swatches and review

Hi my Lovelies! How are you doing today?
so far I've been showing to you all the beautiful nail polishes I got during my vacation, but today it's MAKEUP TIME!! lol
You should know by now I fell head over heels for this Italian makeup brand named Wjcon which has pretty nice makeup with affordable prices, and I got two eye makeup product from them that I want to share with you: a metallic mousse eyesadow and a metallic gel eyeliner. Ok, I swear I've only spent like 50 € in cosmetic shopping in Italy, all brands included, and not as much as it seems! But I want to show you this because I have nothing like it in my make-up collection (which is not that big, btw) and I feel it deserves a little attention.

So first, let me show you the mousse Eyeshadow which is really gorgeous. It comes in a little jar containing 5ml, which costed me €5.90, what I think is a really good price for this product! These eyeshadows are limited edition.

This is colour number 07, which is a metallic purple, it also comes in 13 different shades to choose from. Take a peek here.  The colour is very intense and it has a great pigmentation pay off,  but it is also versatile enough to give you different intensities and coverage. Don't get me wrong, it is opaque! Only a little amount gives great opacity and coverage, BUT if you dip your brush in it and wipe most of it in the back of your hand, you can get a very thin translucent wash of colour that makes it totally wearable for a day look. See my swatches which are self explanatory in this point.
This is also quite long lasting. I wore it in a hot and very wet weather and the colour held intact without creasing until I took it off. I wore it for 8 hours, but it looked like it could have held forever!

So now comes the difficult part in trying to explain its texture. It is lighter and softer than a regular cream eyeshadow, I'd say almost gel-like. But it's not at all liquid ... mmm, I'm in trouble here. I guess most of the cream eyeshadows are more compact than this product, the Wjcon mousse has a consistency which is very similar to a soft gel eyecream, lets say. But once you apply it, it starts setting and dries like a very pigmented stain with a velvety finish. It dries pretty quickly, so it's not the easiest to blend, I suggest applying it very lightly and soft, and to build the colour where you want more intensity, it'll be much easier that applying a lot and trying to shade it to fade. It won't work that way.

Next thing is the gel eyeliner:

The gel eyeliner comes in a jar containing approx. 2ml, though it's not specified, for which I paid €5.90. The cap has a little brush included, which is practical, but not really my favourite shape for applying gel eyeliner. I much prefer the pointy liner brushes because I'm an older girl with small eyes, so thick lines do not flatter my eye shape. But that's a question of preference, the brush is not that bad, and you can totally use it if you're on the go without the need of carrying an extra brush.

The consistency of the eyeliner is much thinner and creamier than other eyeliners I have. This makes it quite versatile in the sense that you could also wear it soft and subtle, and smudge it if you wish. here you are the swatches (done with the brush included in the product)

The liner is waterproof and I must say it's very long lasting! I wore it for 8 hours or so, and stayed perfectly, and surely could have held for another 8 hours without problems, but yeah, I have a little baby and need to sleep... I did have a rough time taking it off, since I didn't have any waterproof makeup remover with me on holidays, and I ended up using my baby's almond oil, lol!!

To sum up, I'm very happy with my purchase, I've seen some reviews for other products of this brand and found out not all their stuff is this great, specially the baked eyeshadows, so beware! But I seem to have chosen the right stuff from their range, so if you'd like to purchase from them I'd say these two products are totally worthy. Let me know your thoughts about it, and stay tuned because I'll be posting an EOTD using the mousse eyeshadow very soon!


  1. Wow, cool make up. I think that both the mousse and the eyeliner have potemtial. However I wonder how well the mousse sits on the eye lid, some of these creamy stuff just get stuck like a fat line on top of everything. :/

    1. Hi Gelic! It's a nice mousse and it's easy to apply and to blend, it does not get stuck on top of everything at all!

  2. Salut Nati! Great post!!! You described the "moussy" consistency so well!!! I also like that these products seem to come saturated and well pigmented. I rather have to apply lightly and after whiping off excess than poking my eye out trying to get some color on my lids from a hardbaked brick of eye shadow - very exited to see your EOTD soon - have a wonderful day ma belle (oh wearing the lilac texture polish and it is AWESOME) bisous xxx

    1. Salut Christine! Thank you sweetie! I'm so glad your polish is not broken, I got a broken bottle on the mail and suddenly my first thought was OMG! The polishes I sent to Christine might have broken to! But, I have those panic attacks from time to time, nothing too serious, LOL!
      have a nice evening! xxx

  3. Anonymous4/9/13 18:24

    Interesting texture! And the color really pops! I would never wear eyeliner this bright though, but I can see lots of people loving this.

    1. Oh Melissa, the colour pops like you wouldn't believe! so if you're not fan of bright stuff, then this is definitely not your thing. But they had many other shades not so bright. I went for this because I wanted something really Fun for my vacation. :)

    2. Anonymous5/9/13 14:57

      Oh yes, it definitely looks fun :-) The texture alone looks so fun to play with.

  4. Que bello el color, creí que había comentado, es un bello color para usar como deliniador.


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