Hello dears! Ready for Day 8 of the 33 Day Challenge?
Today theme is Chevrons, and I've never ever done that before, so it was pretty challenging. Well, honestly, first thing I thought was Missoni chevrons fabrics because I really like to complicate things :P

I started with a basecoat and painted my pinkie and index finger nails with Essie Da Bush. Then I painted some horizontal stripes on my ring, middle and thumb nails alternating the following colours: Essie Sew psyched, Essie Little brown dress, Essie Limited addiction, Essie Merino cool, OPI Ginger bells!, Underline Oro, China glaze Snow, China glaze Liquid leather. Obviously not all the colours on the same nail! I painted the stripes directly with the polish brush without any striping tape, because the joints were going to be covered so it didn't need to be perfect. I let it dry completely.

Then using some magic scotch tape and zig-zag scissors I cut some zig-zag thin stripes and placed them on the nails leaving free to be painted the places where two colours joined (sorry I have not taken pictures of this, it's simpler than it sounds). Then painted over those sections with some of the colours that weren't already on the nail. For some reason my tape adhered too hard, and I had some trouble removing it, next time I should try with masking tape. Finally I carefully removed the tape and that was the result! I topped it all with my gloopy topcoat which gave me some ridiculous bubbles, and that's how I ruined it this time!

So these were my "Missoni nails", I hope you liked it! I will be definitely trying this again.
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