Essence LE: Metal Galm Swatches, Review & Look ideas

Hello my lovelies, how are you today? I'm sooooooo excited because I'm preparing a surprise for you all!! But enough about it, I don't want you to guess. Let's talk make up.
Last week I have spotted a new Essence collection at Manor that was really appealing to me! It is Metal Glam collection. I do not know what you think, but in my opinions Essence limited editions have been less than interesting since the past winter. But Fall always brings great collections in highend and also drugstore brands! as it seems. Or is it that I just love Fall? Well, anyway, I contained myself a little, because my instinct would have made me pick one of each. I end up buying "only" two polishes, two eyeshadows and a lipgloss.
But I would have bought the entire collection if 1) I hadn't already a huge collection with many similar colours, 2) if the cool lilac tones would have suited me better :/ To drool over the whole collection click here.

This is going to be a long post so go to pick your snacks-drink-whatever now! you got it? ok.

I've picked two nail polishes:
- 01 Steel-ing the scence which is a metallic bronze and obviously got the wrong name.
- 03 Glamour girls, which is the gorgeous silver with a tinge of light green and pair exactly the eyeshadow.
The nail polishes are less nice than expected. Wait, they're pretty, but: they're not chrome-like as I expected. You know those fantastic foil metallics that have perfect opacity with the first coat and are great stampers? Well, these are not like that. Both nail polishes have same formula, a little brush stroke-y and need at least two coats to be opaque. Drying time is quite fast. First coat dried in less than one minute and the whole manicure in 5.

From the left: golden eye, glamour girl

I've also picked two Metal me Glam eyeshadows :
- 04 Golden Eye (oh, so creative) which is a warm toned gold with a tinge of bronze
- 03 Glamour girls, which is a metallic somewhat light silver-y green masterpiece!
The metal me glam eyeshadows are to die for. So soft, and pigmented!! the final look is metal-metallictastic. These are no frosty. Forget that, think metallic. The only down side is there is a little fall down when you apply, and you definitely HAVE TO do your eyes first, then clean and do your base and concealer afterwards.

From the left: golden eye, glamour girl, best dressed

Dior, Estée Lauder, many big brands are thinking metallic for the season. But... mmmh a 60 dollar palette for a fashion that may last 2 months and that is too over the top to be worn, lets say, to pick up your kids at school... well no can do. These two babes costed me less than 4 CHF each and are as metallic as metal can be.

And last, but not least, the lipgloss:
- Metal Glam lipgloss in 02 Best Dressed is a deep mauve metallic shade. (please, enlarge the pic to see the shimmer sparkling on the tip of the applicator! I die)
I have picked only one of them, because it seemed the most appealing shade to me, and I certainly have nothing similar in my lipgloss stash. The formula is nice, not sticky as other lipglosses can be which is good. It is not as opaque as I had expected, when you apply it it gives a beautiful metallic sheen to the lips, but you can still see the lips through. I applied more product to see if it could build up to opaque. But as I did that the wand was dragging the lipgloss and I realized it was not a good idea. So bad for me wanting it to be something more than a lipgloss :/
In the pictures below you can see I applied ways too much. Don't do that!

Here you are a full face picture to give you an idea how to wear this shade for a daytime polished look. I don't think the eyeshadows could be easily worn at daytime, though.

As a summary I'd say: if anything metallic in your eyes turns you on get the eyeshadows! You'll never regret it. If you already have metallic nail polishes that you love, don't bother. If you like to test how deep mauve glassy lips looks on you without splurging on the Chanel glossimer, give it a try.
Oh, well, I'm through. If you red up to here thank you!!!!!
Have you spotted this collection yet? Have you picked up anything from it? Which are your thoughts on Essence LE in general?
Stay tuned, there'll be a surprise coming up soon! ;)
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  1. Ciao Nati! The golden eye shadow looks great! I'd definitely get that if Essence was available here! I like the new look of your blog! Very nice! The ads don't bother me at all. What is this about your weekly newsletter? How exciting!! Is that your blog blogposts of the week or do you write something completely new?? And a surprise too?!?! Nati, you are spoiling us!!! :D Baci! xx

    1. Ciao cara! Thank you for your e-mail, it was so nice to hear from you. The golden shade is definitely pretty. I've done a look with it, but it is harsh to wear on it's own unless you're 15 (I'm an old lady, ha ha) but I used it with some matte shades and I really liked it.
      The newsletter is a solution for very busy people who can't blog read every week, so they get a summary of the hihglights in my blog. And the surprise you can see now! bacioni xx

  2. The shades look really pretty!

  3. Eye shadows look so nice and I like also the lipgloss :-) And, I like all the nail polishes, also the purple and the green one (I've seen them using the link you indicated...) :-)

    1. Hi Tatjana! Well, the nail polish quality are not that bad as it sounds in my review! I owe you the swtches because we're not having sunlight and I don't have a ligthbox :/

  4. I'm pretty sure this collection won't be available in my country but I'm not sorry. I really don't like the metallic finish (not on eye shadow or on nail polishes).
    The gloss looks ok, I would give it a go ! ;)

    1. Hi Aby, I don't blame you, metallic wasn't my favourite, I'm a 90's child (well I was a teenager during the 90's) and for me glitter and shine were the devil, so 80's!! Now look at me, I'm getting old and gaga and I like everything shiny! haha

  5. Perfect colours these eyeshadows;)

  6. Anonymous8/10/13 23:45

    Those eyeshadow colors looks amazing! I would love to try them as well! :)

  7. me encanta el brillo es muy bonito, que tono mas bello

    1. Sì es muy lindo, y se siente bien en los labios, no es muy pegajoso ni nada.

    2. Eso es bueno mi experiencia con esos tipos de brillos ha sido de pegajosos.

  8. Wow, I really liked those make up palettes, I have too few metallic eye shadows! Also fun with the matching nail polishes. You also looked great with the lip gloss, it really suited you! :)

    1. Thank you Gelic, you're such a sweetie! I guess this Fall metallic is going strong, so if you care about trend maybe you should try these ;)


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