Reading this morning a post by the lovely Liesl from Liesl loves pretty things (check her out if you haven't already!) I got tempted of doing the same thing she's done, that is writing about beauty things that one should or should not be doing according to some "rule". I truly believe the most important thing is being oneself and I want to share with you 5 beauty things I'm not apologizing for. Are you with me?

I'm not trying to say one should persevere in annoying defects. But as long as it doesn't harm anyone, one should be oneself. Here are 5 beauty things that make me be myself, and I'm not apologizing for.

1. Swatching nail polish without a lightbox. I've been "adviced" many time to build a lightbox. I will not. Natalia's pictures are like this "au naturel". I might reconsider the idea IF ever a brand would pay me for swatching. That not being the case, swatching is done in a way that is compatible with my life.

2. Collecting nail polish and makeup
What is too much? I don't know, I'm still in the "not enough" stage.

3. Wearing "too much" makeup
See answer n°2 :)

4. Life is too short to live feeling bad about your appearance. I've gained a lot of weight during pregnancy that I have not lost yet, for many reasons. I know I should lose weight to feel better (the upstairs ride kills me every time), and be able to wear my beautiful outfits. And I will as soon as my studies are through. In the meantime I'm not going to apologize for it. You know what? I feel pretty all the same.

5. Mirror selfies and close-ups
Many people think you're conceited if you take selfies and publish them. Not even talking about close-ups! I've been politely advised not to do it and in the case I'd do it use a tripod, professional lighting and photoshop. And no close-ups.
I'm not longer going to apologize for my selfies (I've done in the past!). This is me. I like to take selfies for myself and to keep track on my blog of my makeup looks. I know I have blemishes, wrinkles and I'm old(er), but this is who I am. I try my best to make good quality pictures but that's about it. Plus I think bloggers who use photoshop are cheaters in a way, because as a blogger you're no trying to look perfect but to show whether a product does what it says.

So there you go! I'm sure you also have a list of yourself with beauty things related you are not sorry for. If you feel like sharing with us, consider yourself tagged! If you do this tag don't hesitate to leave your link to your post in the comments :)