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Hello sweeties! How are you? I have an interesting review to share with you about a potent anti- aging eye serum. Elite serum contains "powerful peptides which work together to complete a proprietary formula that banishes fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and under eye puffiness". It sounds good. Are you intrigued?

When I was proposed to try Elite Serum for review I was very, very excited! The product claims to lift and firm the skin, fill expression wrinkles, smooth out fine lines, minimize eye puffiness and lighten dark circles. That's quite a claim!

As I received the package in my mailbox I could not wait to open it! My first reaction when seeing the product was strong, I was certainly intimidated impressed. (Click on any picture to enlarge).

double cap

locking system

The serum comes in a quite original packaging, it's a patented Airless Syringe, which gives the impression of a medical product. I believe the whole point is to mean "you think the only solution to aging skin is a syringe, well you're wrong, you can get great results with our serum" or sort of. Besides this "psychological effect" the packaging has a great practical advantage: it's airtight and a perfect dosing system. Which is great, because the anti-aging serums and creams are very delicate and many of them have a short shelf life, so avoiding the contact with air and impurities the brand is assuring the perfect state of the product until the last drop. It has a locking system to prevent product spilling when not in use, and a double cap. Really great packaging from a sanitary point of view and it contains 14 ml. On the down side, it is not very attractive or aesthetic as main high end brands who carry similar products. But as I don't usually care for the looks of packaging for me it's a thumbs-up.

I followed the precise instructions (see picture above) on how to open and dispense the product, which was very easy indeed.The product itself is a translucent gel-like substance, with no frangrance and a liquidy consistency.
There's a short description on how to apply it: "Apply to clean skin, morning and night. Apply a very small amount to finger and gently tap into affected area surrounding the orbital bone."The serum feels very light on the skin and absorbs in quickly leaving no residue or strange feeling, which is good. The tiniest drop is enough for one application so I suppose the 14ml are going to last a very long time.
one tiny drop of serum

once spread it is immediately absorbed

As for the results, it is still a little bit early to tell, I've only used it for 6 days, but I could say my skin feels really smooth and less puffy in those areas, specially under the eyes, so it looks quite promising.

Honestly I don't think Elite serum is very different from other products in the market, I've checked on the main ingredients, which are present in 20 of the most reknown eye serums on the market. Except that you're not paying for big marketing, supermodels posing and fancy packaging, just the product, taken seriously by the brand.

Elite serum comes with an expiration date (which is not the case on other serums), mine expires 10/2016. Also the serum does not contain parabens, is not tested on animals and the container is 100% recyclable, which are all possitive things to my eyes (pun not intended ;) ).

What do you think about this eye serum? would you try something like this?
Do not hesitate to leave your opinion!

*The product in this post is a free sample sent for my unbiased opinion.


  1. Salut ma belle, I am afraid those kind of posts that interest me more and more with middle age sitting right on my doorstep :-S! I agree though, there are plenty of products with similar ingredients and the same promises. I fell for YSL and am using their serum for day and the cream for night. I am usually not very into packaging but I feel a bit apalled by the syringe - maybe because I work in Pharma industry? However I am very curious to hear what you think about this product after you used it longer - have a wonderful day xxx

    1. Salut Christine! I suppose we all satart interesting for products like this at one point. I mean why the looks don't follow how young we feel inside! LOL that'd be much simpler. I know what you mean about the syringe... I felt the same. But then I thought, well I'm not going to give a bad review just because of the packaging and tried to got over it. Afterall the most interesting is what is inside.
      I'll be using it for a while so, I'll keep you updated. Bisous ma biche, xxx

  2. This looks really intriguing, I have not really tried a lot of anti-aging products but they are beginning to interest me more and more. The packaging does certainly make it look very medical and professional. Before and after pictures after a month would be really interesting to see! I thought all cosmetic items HAD to have an expiration date? Normally its a picture of a little tub with the number 12 or 24 etc for how many months it should be kept; if not then I find that a little worrying! I would definitely like to try something like this depending on how easy it is to purchase and its cost. Great review Nati :) xx

    1. Hi Ithi! Oh girl you're 24!! I don't think you need (and I wouldn't recommend) something like this to you! The only true antiaging I would recommend to you is SUNSCREEN, loads of it, and antioxidant food.

      About expiration date: most cosmetics have a "shelf life indicator" those are the signs you're talking about. It says how long you can keep the product once you opened it. That is mostly an estimation according to how much bacteria would cumulate during that time without ruining the product. But that does not inform you about expiration at all! Companies are not in the obligation of publishing those dates. When you buy a product (except for organic stuff or handmade like lush) you never know when it has been produced, or untill when it will be good to use.
      Thank you again Ithi :) xx

  3. sounds good espero que no sea testado en animales

    1. Hola Andrea, no es testeado en animales, lo dije hacia final del artículo ;)

    2. ahhh hehehe no lo vi, estaba muy cansada cuando leí tu articulo disculpitas.


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