Hello lovelies! How have you started your week?
Today I have an interesting product to show you is  5 pieces Nail Art Brush set of the brand N.Nail, that KKCenterHK sent me for review. I wanted this 5 brushed set because I'm decided to give a try to acrylic colours, after Raggio di Luna nails with such gorgeous nail designs makes me want to try so much! This set seems perfect for that purpose.

The brush set comes in a cellophane pouch, and each brush has individual plastic protection. The brushes have thin and sleek white wooden handles with a pink detail in the back. They are very lightweight. The bristles are made of synthetic fibres and their shape is quite sharp. No strand bristles or anything like that.

The set looks are perfect for a beginner with acrylic paints like me.

I'm obviously NOT a free hand expert, be indulgent, but I prepared a demostration on what to do with each brush.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is mostly used to apply powders, glitter, pigments etc, over the nails while your base polish is still wet. It's also possible to do some fan-brush designs as shown in the picture above.

Small flat brush

Flat brushes are great for all kind of thin stripes but also thin lines can be achieved it just needs a steady hand. The small size allows you to do more detailed designs.

Small detail painting brush

This brush is great and very versatile! The possibilities are endless, zebra, leopard, tiger patterns should be a piece of cake with this. Dots, waves, swirls, lines, flowers, leaves, watever! The bristles are great the exact balance between firm and flexible which allows a great control of the paint. Here I've made a "Dream catcher" design both using the flat and the detail brushes (this idea is not mine! sorry I can't remember where I got this idea from but I WILL update as soon as I find the link :-) )

Small Angle brush

This brush can normally do exactly what a flat brush can do. The added of this brush value is that the angled tip allows you to make an arched application of the paint and that is the only way to achieve (with loads and loads of practice) one stroke flower petals. This is my first attempt. Ok, I know... it's a hard technique, but I'm planning on improving a lot!

Tiny dotting tool

This is the tiniest dotting tool I own! I have 11 different sizes, and not even one is as small. I've heard large dotting tools don't wark well with acrylic paints, but I haven't really tried. In any case, this one worked perfectly for me.

Brushes care & cleaning:  I washed them with soap and water and the brushes are doing perfectly fine!
So, after this demonstration session this is how my nails ended. I'm quite surprised because this was the first time I was working with acrylic paints.

I hope this review has been helpful to you! Remeber you can find this set on KKCenterHK site under the item N.NAIL 5 Pieces White Pink Long Handle Synthetic Fibre Nail Pen [JR1171]
Do you own a nail art brush set? if so, which one and what do you use it for (nail polish/acryllics, etc.) I'd love to read your opinions.