MAC online shop finally available Switzerland!

Ok, you might already know this, but I want to share this info all the same. I guess when you think you are the last to know, you discover there was always someone else who actually didn't know either. So here are the news: MAC cosmetics website has finally opened their online shop in Switzerland!
Unless you live in a main city or in a VIP ski-station, a MAC counter is a rare thing. And to my knowledge so is a Sephora counter. So for me this is great news! It is very difficult to take half a day off to go to some other city just to buy a foundation or to pay huge shipping fees to buy online abroad. I'm heading to their site now, my wallet is terrorized, LOL!


  1. Finally indeed! We got the webshop not so long ago, and actually MAC is expanding fast in Belgium (we are about to get our 5th store if I remember correctly), and I hope it'll soon do the same in Switzerland!

  2. Unfortunately... or fortunately... I don't have many famous shops in my town, so at least I don't "risk" too much, I can have a nice walk in the center without fearing to finish in one of those famous shops and empty my wallet :-)


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