Hello my sweeties! how is your weekend? I hope you're enjoying it!
I'm like Braaaziiiil, lala lala lala la laaaa! Nope, I'm not getting ready for carnival, hahaha.  I have great news to share with you: OPI Spring-Summer collection is inspired by Brazil!!! I can see here a couple of must have for Summer, check the shades for yourselves.

There's something for everyone in this collection. Half of it are chic but edgy shades, someone said "classic", I don't see anything "classic" there! And the other half are fun and BRIGHT! I don't see one colour that I wouldn't include in my wishlist, This whole collection is so ME, and that is soooo bad for my wallet, hehe. But if anything I'm super intrigued for I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, because we all know a good bright yellow nail polish is not easy to find. I can't wait for this collection to be available!
Next Stop…The Bikini Zone
NLA59 – 15 ml
This amethyst-toned
pewter suits me just fine.

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
NLA60 – 15 ml
Nobody can stop me
from wearing this creamy nude!

Taupe-less Beach
NLA61 – 15 ml
There’s nothing optional
about wearing this enticing taupe.

I São Paulo Over There
NLA62 – 15 ml
He was sipping coffee
with this mocha-toned beauty.

OPI Scores a Goal!
NLA63 – 15 ml
Make your point in this
winning shade of rich chocolate.

NLA64 – 15 ml
I’m making the switch
to this deep jungle green.

I Just Can’t Cope-acabana
NLA65 – 15 ml
Nothing lifts your spirits
like this sunshine yellow.

Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?
NLA66 – 15 ml
He went to fetch her this
delicious mango smoothie.

Toucan Do It If You Try
NLA67 – 15 ml
You have talent to achieve
anything in this confident orange.

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
NLA68 – 15 ml
Plant this warm
luscious pink on me!

NLA69 – 15 ml
This vibrant and festive
coral is the life of the party.

Red Hot Rio
NLA70 – 15 ml
A ruby red as hot as the
most exciting city in Brazil.

There are also two mini sets available:

The collection will be available in Switzerland at the authorized retailers from February 24th and the RRP is 23.90 CHF per bottle and 27.80 CHF for the mini sets.
Is there anything that catches your eye?