Feb 16, 2014

All Time Favourite: Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow

Hello Dears! How is your weekend going? Today I have a wonderful "oldie" shade for you, it's OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow, from La Colección de España, issued for Fall 2009, and was one of the first polishes that started my collection.
It's a blackend green a little jelly like, and has a very glossy finish. I love how sophisticated this is, and it sure makes a great look for a special occasion! I first wore it to the Opera at Lausanne's Opera Theatre back in 2009.
What do you think about it? Do you own this shade? would you like to have it or you think it's not worthy? I'd love to know your opinion!
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  1. Anonymous16/2/14 12:18

    Ohhhhh wowies, I think I need this! Is it still available? It's pure perfection.

  2. Hermoooooso, OPI hace los vampies más divinos del mundo y te queda divino
    Un beso Nati

  3. I love it and I can immagine how elegant it must be with some beautiful dress :-)

  4. Such a gorgeous green! I missed out on so many awesome OPI collections. I'm pretty sure this one is still available, though... I'll have to check it out. I think it'd be particularly cool looking mattified.

    1. Hey you! Over here it is still available and as for matte - there is or was a suede version of it - just in case you are in for a hunt because the suede is according to my knowledge VHTF

  5. Sabes yo tenía ese esmalte y lo vendí, por estar escuchando a gente de Iglesia, que el color era algo de; demonio y una cantidad de bolsadas, pues al fin no se juzga a una persona por el color de esmalte de uñas , fui muy boba.
    En realidad, muchos de ellos juzgan a otros tantos q ellos a mi parecer pecan así más.

  6. Salut ma belle! This was my first ever green! And to the day it holds a totally unique space in my collection, I don't think I have ever found something similar since! Beautiful on you ma biche xxx


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