Hello lovelies! How are you today? Last day of July and after two weeks of having the most rotten weather in 50 years in Switzerland,  it seems the sun is finally out, so my neon shades are out too. Look what I've done, like it?

For this easy manicure I tried to repeat Zoe's design who also took inspiration in Alice's nail design, who was inspired by Fashion, phew... I tellya crediting nail art is turning as difficult as genealogy research here, haha. I'm just kidding ;)

For the design in question I painted two coats of OPI Hotter than you pink over OPI Put a coat on and wait for it to dry completely. Then I used some tape and painted half of the thumb, middle and ring fingernails with China Glaze Snow and waited for it to dry completely. Finally with some bits of striping tape I painted the black stripes using OPI 4 in the morning. I really like the semi matte look on it, so I skipped the topcoat.

I hope you like this neon manicure. Do you still wear neon polishes or you are already all into the Fall collections? Let me know your thoughts!