Hello my dears! I'm finally bringing you the Second part of the Nordic Collection by OPI swatches! It hasn't been easy because last weekend was totally rotten weather wise, so I had to manage to take the pictures with little natural light, but I got few pictures with colour accuracy and I want to share them with you! Ready?

The second part of the collection is the most interesting colour wise because the shades are rather "unexpected" for Fall, but I guess those represent better the variety of colours of the Northern countries of Europe.

First colour of the second part is My Dogsled is a hybrid, let's forget the stupid name and focus on the gorgeous colour!! OPI describes it as creamy sea green, is not turquoise, as is not blue enough in my opinion, and it is definitely not teal or mint. I don't have a dupe for it, the closest I got was Dior 402 from Birds of Paradise collection, but they're still not dupes. The OPI is a tad more blue.

Suzi has a Swede tooth is lovely candy pink creme nail polish, so yummy, almost a one coater, creamy and opaque. I'm sure I could get away with one coat next time. This time I applied two buttery coats and just look how glossy it is! Very shade similar to Zoya Rooney but the OPI formula is superior in terms of ease of application.

Do you have this color in Stock-holm? Is my favourite shade, so pretty and unphotographable!! This is a crelly blue violet nail polish. It is very similar to China glaze Creative Fantasy, but that one has a semi matte finish. My pictures show this OPI way too blue, it is more violet in real life, to get the idea look at my pics of Creative fantasy. I do not know why my camera refused to capture the shade this time!

Thanks Glogg is Friday is a sultry wine shade, with slight shimmer and metallic finish. I love how these shades can instantly make my hand look more elegant!

Viking in a Vinter Vonderland, is a blackend purple that still looks purple under every lighting. I love it, is actually the deepest purple in my collection. It has a crelly consistance, not quite like a jelly, nor like a creme nail polish, just in between! Which gives it that gorgeous glossiness that I love.Very similar to OPI Vant to bite my neck? but darker.

Skating on thin Ice-land is a gorgeous deep violet plum, or is it a plummy cherry shade? Who cares? it is gorgeous!

The formulas of the polishes in this second half  are outstanding. No complaints what so ever. The two creme shades apply like a dream, the crellies are simply fantastic and the shimmery one is flawless without signs of brushtrokes. They all dry decently fast, and are glossy even without topcoat.
All my swatches show two coats over a base coat and without top coat.  I have included one picture in the shade and one under direct outdoor daylight for each colour, even if the sun was playing hide and seek.
In this second part I can't pick favourites, I love them all! haha, I know that is not very helpfull, but seriously, I like the combination of classic with unusual shades for winter, the glossiness and variations while keeping a "low profile" without crazy shimmer and glitter everywhere. I think is a very chic collection. What do you think?  Which colour is more appealing to you?  Don't be shy and leave me a comment!